TimMee Plastic Army Men Vehicle Universal Sticker Sheets - 10 Pack Ships Free

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Dress up your old or new Plastic Army Vehicles with this 10 pack of Tim Mee Toy stickers. These classic sticker designs have been included with Tim Mee Toy Plastic Army Vehicles for decades. Stickers include a75 inch white star, 3 medium5 inch white stars, 6 mini25 inch white stars, 6 serial numbers, 2 star and bars, left and right9 inch mini US flags, 2 mini Tim Mee logos, and a wrap around US flag for small flagpole. Each sheet measures 2.5 inches x 5.5 inches and includes 23 stickers for a total of 230 stickers in the pack.

These sticker sheets were created for the Tim Mee Toy reissues, and are very close to the size and style of the originals. The serial numbers have been changed from the vintage examples to avoid confusion. These stickers are compatible with Tim Mee Toy M48 Patton Tanks, Combat Patrol Willys MB Vehicles and Artillery, Recon Patrol Modern Armored Cars, Walker Bulldog M41 Tank, Deuce-and-a-Half 2-1/2 Ton Cargo Trucks, and the Sea King Rescue 'Copter (helicopter).

Very nice quality stickers that are printed in the USA.

  • Tim Mee Toy Plastic Army Universal Sticker Sheets
  • Stars, Serial Numbers, Star & Bars, and US Flags
  • 23 Stickers on each sheet
  • 230 Stickers included
  • Packaging: White Cardstock Mailer

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