TimMee Prehistoric Plastic DINOSAUR & CAVEMAN Figures - Tan, Rust, OD Green 73pc

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Warriors and creatures from dimestores of the distant past have returned. This 73 piece Tim Mee Toy DINOSAUR and CAVEMEN figure set is proudly manufactured in the United States, and includes 24 Tan cavemen, 24 Rust-Brown dinos and mega-fauna,  24 OD-Green dinos and mega-fauna, and a charcoal-gray mini-volcanic terrain piece for maximum play value. Four different stone-age people figures include Cro-Magnons wielding a club, stone axe, and boulder along with a muscle-bound club-wielding Neanderthal. Figures stand up to 1.5 inches tall and are approximately 1:40 scale. Nine different prehistoric creatures include T-Rex, Dimetrodon, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus), Ankylosaurus, Diceratops (Nedoceratops), Duck-Billed-Dinosaur (Hadrosaurid), Saber-Toothed-Tiger (Smilodon), and Wooly Mammoth. Creatures measure up to 2.8 inches long and scales vary wildly from approximately 1:40 to 1:350. All figures are made from slightly flexible LDPE plastic with medium detail and just a little flashing. The mini-volcanic terrain measures 6 inches long x 3.25 inches wide x 1.65 inches tall and made from slightly stiff HDPE Charcoal-Gray color plastic.

Originally produced by PROCESSED PLASTIC (Tim Mee Toy's parent company at the time) in the 1970's, these figures hearken back to a to a time before scientific facts got in the way of fun and Stone-Age people came packed with Ice-Age Mammals  along side Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Permian dinosaurs for epic backyard prehistoric battles.

These are real American Made toys, meant to be set up, knocked down, buried in the sand, dug up, and played with for years to come. Packed in plastic bag with insert card and recommended for ages 5 and up.

  • TimMee Prehistoric Plastic Dinosaurs & Cavemen
  • 24 OD-Green and 24 Rust-Brown Dinosaur Figures
  • 24 Tan Cavemen, Charcoal-Gray Volcanic Terrain
  • Scale: Varies from Approximately 1:40 to 1:350
  • Packaging: Polybag with Insert Card



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