Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team Bucket - 80pc Sci-Fi Space Plastic Figure Mars Playset

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Tim Mee Toy brings life to Mars with these iconic Sci-Fi figures and accessories. This 80 piece set of Tim Mee Toy GALAXY LASER TEAM playset is proudly manufactured in the United States and packed in a sturdy plastic bucket. Set includes 48 Blue and Lime-Green figures along with 2 matching small space fighters, 2 flags, Red surface patrol rover, 3 Red-Rust color Martian terrain pieces, and 24 space themed accessories and furniture.

All your old favorite characters are here, including turtle-lobster alien, space-sasquatch alien, classic serial space hero, mailbox-shaped droid, sword-wielding villain, 2 Mercury era astronauts, and even the heroine with her trusty computer console. Figures stand up to 2.25 inches tall and are approximately 1:35 scale. X-wing rockets are 3.75 inches long and smaller scale. Made from slightly flexible LDPE plastic with medium detail and very little flashing. The Sci-Fi accessories are made from slightly stiff stainless steel color HDPE plastic including: Gravity Chamber, Observatory Dome with skylight, 3 chamber Fuel Tank, Radar Antenna, Supply Cabinet, Speaker Tower, Laser on Stand, Searchlight on base, Camera on stand, Telescope on stand, and Disc Antenna. The retro-futuristic furniture pieces are made from slightly stiff red HDPE plastic and iclude Teacher Desk, Chair, Easel, Ladder, 2 Student Desks, 4 Student Benches, Control Chair, and Control Console. The rover feature turret that rotates and smooth rolling gray wheels with metal axles. Vehicle measures 6.25 inches long and is made from slightly stiff Red color HDPE plastic with medium detail and very little flashing. Martian terrain pieces are made from Red-Rust color HDPE plastic, and measure 6 inches wide, 3.25 inches deep, and stand1.65 inches tall. All pieces are approximately 1:32 scale.

The figures and spaceships were originally offered around 1978 by Processed Plastic (Tim Mee Toy's parent company at the time), and were also branded as STAR PATROL with X-WING ROCKET or OUTER SPACE FIGHTERS. The rover is a new spin on the classic Tim Mee Toy Modern Armored Car first offered in 1984 and modeled after the experimental Lockheed XM800W. The Martian terrain is a Processed Plastic Co. accessory that was included with packs of dinosaurs back in the day. The Sci-Fi accessories and furniture were first offered in the 1950s by LOUIS MARX AND COMPANY, and were included in a number of their legendary playsets spanning many years including Tom Corbett Space Academy, Space Patrol, Rex Mars, Captain Space, Cape Canaveral, Operation Moonbase, Martian Landing and even the 1979 Galaxy Command Playset during the Star Wars craze. This playset celebrates a funky mash-up of space movie characters and tropes from the old black and white serials to that famous space opera in a galaxy far-far away. Set includes 2 optional sticker sheets to customize your star fighters and accessories.

This is a set of real American Made plastic toys, meant to be set up, knocked over, picked up, and played with for many years to come. Packed in sturdy reusable storage bucket and recommended for ages 5 and up.


  • TimMee Galaxy Laser Team Bucket Playset
  • 48 Figures, 2 Spaceships, Mars Patrol Rover
  • 13 Retro-Futuristic Furniture Pieces, 2 Flags
  • 11 Sci-Fi Accessories, 3 Martian Terrain Pieces
  • Packaging: Sturdy Reusable Plastic Bucket


Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts, Not for children under 3 years old.

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