New Boxes and New Production

Posted by Jeff Imel on

New BMC Toys production has been booked, but unfortunately won't be available until early 2017. It was planned for the new production to arrive by late November, but it's taken much longer than anticipated to complete all the new package art. Hopefully the improvements we've made will be worth the wait.

Speaking of improvements, here's a prototype of the upgraded Iwo Jima Playset Box style. It's a reusable tray style box that is also sturdier than the original.   The D-Day Normandy Playset is also getting this style box.

BMC Toys Iwo Jima Playset Box Prototype

Here's a first look at new box art for the Iwo Jima Playset:

BMC Toys Iwo Jima Playset Diorama Box Art

A special thanks to Rusty from Playset Magazine for suggesting a diorama photo for box art.  

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