Some BMC Boxed Set Improvements

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A couple of improvements have been made for the upcoming BMC Toys production of the D-Day Invasion Normandy and Iwo Jima Boxed sets.

The Bombed Farm House tool has been revised with reinforcements on the inside of the walls, and will be molded in ABS plastic instead of Polypropylene to keep walls straight and improve assembly. We're also changing the color of the walls from reddish brown to tan.
BMC Toys Bombed Farm House Reinforcements

We took some inspiration from the original 1990's BMC Toys Alamo set and made a brand new mold of the flag with base and rock formation. The flags are over 7 inches tall, and the pole diameter is a bit thicker to prevent the sagging that sometimes happened with the originals. The Iwo Jima set will get a USA flag, a Japanese flag, and 2 rock formations. The D-Day Normandy set will get 3 flags (USA, UK, and German) and 3 rock formations. They will be molded in gray that matches the Iwo Jima Mount Suribachi. The flag stickers are historically accurate except for the German flag.

The sandbag stacks and barbed wire fences are getting a minor color change from reddish brown to butternut tan. It turns out these pieces are in the same mold so they have to be same color. Here's a  pre-production picture of the new and updates pieces:

BMC Toys Pre-Production Farmhouse and Flags

I didn't intend to change anything in the BMC sets, but since we needed to create new box art, it made sense to look at everything and see if minor improvements could be made. I consulted with Bill McMaster's long time manufacturing agent every step of the way to make sure they fit in properly with the BMC brand. These projects have delayed production a bit, but I think the end result will be worth the wait.

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  • This looks good because I have the old houses and they were very hard to put together. Plus they could fall apart easily

    Loren Losacano on

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