BMC Toys Fall 2019 Production Roundup

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There are a bunch of new BMC Toys products on the way. The latest BMC Toys American Hero Collector Series production is on the way and scheduled to arrive by early December. The shipment includes 6 new items:

  • WW2 D-Day Tank Battle Playset 36pc
  • San Juan Hill Buffalo Soldiers vs Spain 32pc
  • Border Wars US Army vs. Mexican Villistas 34pc
  • Civil War Battlefield Accessories 18pc
  • United States Presidents Series #1 Figure Set
  • Blockhouse Walls Accessory (off-white)

The new Border Wars set features figures in fairly flexible LDPE plastic instead of  the harder Polypropylene figures that the rest of the imported BMC figures are made from. The production samples of the new items arrived last week, and I can't wait to get the product photos and descriptions finalized, but my schedule is so overbooked it has to wait a few days:
BMC Toys Fall 2020 Production Samples

The BMC Toys Classic Army Men product line has several new items available:

  • BMC Classic Marx Marching US Soldiers 27pc OD
  • BMC Classic Marx Marching US Soldiers 27pc Tan
  • BMC Classic Marx WW2 Japanese Soldiers Khaki-Green
  • BMC Classic Marx WWII Axis Ambush 14pc Set Brown
  • BMC Classic Payton AA Tanks 4pc Gray
  • BMC Classic Payton AA Tanks 4pc OD
  • BMC Classic Payton AA Tanks 4pc Tan

BMC Toys Classic Army Men Fall 2019

Recasts of the Louis Marx & Co 1:72 scale Landing Craft 4pc OD & Tan or 4pc Gray have completed production and are already available in our Amazon store. They should be on within the next couple of weeks. The Marx Palm Trees and the R&L + Marx Alien Jungle sets are in production and should also be available before Turkey Day (knock on wood):
BMC Toys Landing Craft and Palm Trees

Restocks and new color variants of the Marx WW2 US Soldiers production have been delayed due to mold repairs taking longer than expected. The mold was being tested today, so I hope to have these back on track soon. With vintage molds these sorts of delays can be expected to happen:
BMC Toys Classic Army Men US Soldiers Black & Green

Production is about to start on the MPC Germans in Charcoal Gray and an Army Corps of Engineers set that will include recast Ideal Bulldozer & Marx seated Marine in Olive Drab plus a Marx 'Exploding' building in gray and an all new sticker sheet. The building originally included a mousetrap mechanism and was designed to 'blow up' when hit with a shell from a spring loaded cannon. Neither of these will pass current safety requirements so I thought it would be a good little set since the bulldozer can knock down the building. The Germans and Engineer sets should be available by mid-December, but I don't have a definite date yet. Here's a mockup of the Germans and some art for the Army Engineer set:
BMC Toys MPC Germans and Army Corp of Engineers Art

I've also booked production for 2 space themed accessory sets:

  • BMC Classic Marx Mars Base Camp Alpha Accessories
  • BMC Classic R&L + Marx Mars Outpost Gamma

The Mars Base Camp will feature the Marx Cape Canaveral accessories in stainless steel color with red Space Cadet furniture. The Mars Outpost set will include the Cape Canaveral pieces molded in bright green and include a set of the R&L Astro-Nits Aliens in Purple. I don't know if these will be available in December or January.

The BMC Toys Plastic Army Women project is on track for Fall 2020 and I'm running a Kickstarter November 14th to accept pre-orders and see if we can expand the number of different figures in the set:
BMC Toys: Plastic Army Women

The BMC Toys German Bunker set has 3D designs for a new Flak Gun base, working door, and longer ladder. I'm waiting for 3D prints to approve the final designs so the new roof and accessory molds can be made.  Here's the #D designs:
BMC Toys WW2 German Bunker Building  Ladder, Flak Gun Base, & Door 3D Designs

There's even more new recast products we're working on for very near future production but this is a pretty full update for now.


Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • I’m very happy with BMC I enjoy your products and especially your vintage soldier recasts (the khaki tan Japanese are awesome) I hope you do a remake of the Marx German soldiers someday soon. Thank You for your great products you have helped me begin to enjoy a hobby I’ve been away from for too long . All the best to BMC

    Michael King on
  • Simply enjoy your products. Especially what you have done with the Marx recast figures. I am looking forward to doing business with BMC. thank you

    Joseph R.Trujillo on

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