BMC Toys: Tanks'giving Turkey Drop!

Posted by Jeff Imel on

It's been non-stop action around here the past few days. Three different production orders have arrived that include 12 new products.

There are six new items in the BMC Toys American Hero Collector Series:
BMC Toys Thanksgiving 2019 New Products

Many of these new items are made with the missing BMC Toys molds that were rescued and restored in 2018. I'm hoping to reissue the full San Juan Hill boxed set in 2020.

The BMC Toys Classic Army Men Collection has 4 new arrivals:
BMC Toys Classic Army Men Thanksgiving 2019

 The last 2 new items released in time for Thanksgiving are Tim Mee Toys Realistic Reissues:
Tim Mee Toy Thanksgiving 2019 Reissues

I'm pleased to announce we are welcoming the fine Sell Toy Co. WW2 German Jaghtpanzer IV Tank Destroyer into the BMC Toys product line. The tank is about 1:30th scale and pairs nicely with the BMC King Tiger and Sherman tanks:
Sell Toy Co. WW2 Jaghtpanzer IV Tank Destroyer (Forest Green)

The tank destroyer has an opening hatch, gun barrel that moves a bit, and is made from ABS plastic. These should be available within a few days or so. Future production will be made at the same factory as the BMC American Hero Collector Series. Thank you to Erwin Sell for passing the torch to us on this product he spent so much time and energy bringing to life.

Here's some items that are in production or scheduled to be in production this December, but I don't have arrival date estimates yet. Some might be available in time for Santa, but there's no way to know for certain just yet:
BMC Toys December 2019 Production Schedule

  • Recast Army Corps of Engineers Bulldozer & Building Set
  • Recast MPC WWII Germans 36pc Charcoal Gray
  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Marx WWII US Soldiers 31pc Green
  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Marx WWII US Soldiers 31pc Black
  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Mars Base Camp Alpha Accessories
  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Marx Martian Outpost Gamma
  • Recast MPC WWII Germans 36pc Charcoal Gray

Here's some items planned for production soon, and should be available around late January 2020. I'll be posting details as they become available:

  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Marx Gardening with Grandpa
  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Marx Western Furniture & Accessories
  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Marx Army Base Furniture & Accessories
  • Recast Louis Marx & Co. Marx Doll House Furniture & Accessories

One last bit of production news is that the BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Kickstarter has been a great success and about to hit 3X the funding goal.  The basic set has expanded to 36 figures in 12 different poses. Even if you're not interested in this particular project, the success of this crowdfunding campaign has great implications for helping me bring future new original products to market. Here's one of the latest sculpts:
BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Bazooka Operator Prototype Sculpture

If you've read this far you deserve a special Turkey Day treat. Use coupon code 15BFCM2019 during checkout for 15% off any purchase from now through December 5th, 2019.

Happy Tanks'giving!


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  • bye the way can you make some ww2 cargo truck i need some because all i have is tanks and jeeps and artillery and Higgins boats and can you make aa guns
    michael on
  • can you make french infantry and ww2 t-34

    michael on
  • Jeff, Not sure if you own the mold to the Timmee 2.5 ton truck, but releasing them in blue for USAF and gray for USN with new stickers might be a good seller. Keep up the good work!

    Mike Handley on
  • So glad to see you offering Erwin Sells tank destroyers, they are a great piece. I used to shorten the barrels and use them as stugs!

    charles mason jr on

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