BMC Toys: New Production - Round 2

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Our second new production of BMC Toys is currently on a ship headed for California and should be at our warehouse in Ohio early by March.

Our first new production of BMC Toys finally arrived last September, and by the end of October I realized there was a problem. The D-Day Invasion of Normandy sets would sell out before the end of November, with Utah Beach and some other items not too far behind. I had planned on possibly placing another factory order in January, but that would mean production wouldn't happen until after Chinese New Year and wouldn't arrive until late Spring. I decided to fast track a new production order with the goal of February arrival, but it would be tough to estimate what other items would need to be restocked after Christmas, so I settled on placing the order at the end of November for late February arrival. I used the extra bit of time to fast-track development of some new items:

  • D-Day Juno Beach Expansion Pack 33 piece bagged set
  • Iwo Jima Marines 36 piece bagged set.
  • Bombed Farm House in Barn Red
  • Full Scale Bowie Knife

BMC Toys Winter 2018 New Items

It was a real challenge to get everything ready so these new items could be produced along with the restocks, especially in the middle of the busy holiday shopping season. All these items use existing molds otherwise it would not have been possible to get them produced this quickly.

The Juno Beach set was an idea I'd been considering for a while, and the popularity of the D-Day sets convinced me to try it out. The all Marines set was suggested by a few different folks over the past few months, and the red farm house was suggested by a customer. The Bowie Knife was brought back thanks to a request from a gift shop. A big thanks to everyone that provided valuable feedback during the development of the new items.

The Winter 2018 restock items are pretty much the same as the Fall 2017 versions. I made some minor adjustments to some of the package art, and we upgraded the stickers to a better quality stock. Some of the D-Day molds had repairs made to reduce flash that had to be trimmed by hand on the last production.

Just about everything will be in stock once the new order arrives except for the Iwo Jima boxed set. It's nearly sold out, and probably won't be back in stock until the fall. I'm considering a new version with the Olive Drab and Tan figures. I'm not certain if would be in addition to the original colors or as replacement. The new Atlantic Wall set is also starting to run low and once it sells out won't be back in stock until the fall. I can't say for certain yet if anything new will be coming for Fall of 2018, but I am working on a few things and we'll have to see how everything shakes out once we get a little further along in the process.

Here's the latest container packed with BMC troops at the factory:
BMC Toys packed for shipping

In an upcoming blog post I'll show photos of some of the BMC vehicles test shots molded in alternate colors for future possible release. 

Let me know what you'd like to see in the BMC Toys line in the future.

Tanks' for your support,

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  • Some grey cannons or howitzers would be great

    Aidan on
  • I am glad everything is going well. I think the color change for the Japanese Infantry and American Marines would be a welcome change for the IWO JIMA set. The figures look so much better with the simple color change.

  • Looking good! We will continue to be supportive of your endeavors!

    Paul Gruendler on

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