BMC Toys: Christmas Stock and New Production Update

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The new batch of BMC Toys has been so well received I'm already finalizing a new production order that should arrive around February 2018. D-Day Normandy sets will likely sell out by early December, and Utah Beach might run out before Christmas. It's too early to tell if anything else in the new lineup will run out before the big day, but I'll do my best to keep the blog posted with regular stock updates as the holiday shopping season progresses. A couple of new items will likely be added to upcoming production, including a new Barn Red color variant of the Bombed Farm House. This was a customer suggestion that I think gives this building a whole new look:
BMC Toys Barn Red Bombed Farm House Mockup

Another new item that's getting added is a D-Day Juno Beach bagged figure set. This is an expansion pack for the D-Day Normandy set that will include Canadian soldiers, a Canadian Flag, Rock Formation, and a few Germans. The Canadians will be molded in Khaki Green and Germans in Light Gray. The set will include the flag, 10 Germans, and 1 rock. I'm still working out how many Canadians will be included, but at least 14:
BMC Toys Juno Beach Contents Mockup

The formerly discontinued BMC Toys Full Scale Bowie Knife is also coming back. It's getting a darker brown handle and new packaging. Here's the new art:
BMC Toys Bowie Knife New Package Mockup

In my last update I mentioned the BMC Toys LCVT Landing Craft might be made in an Olive Drab variant. I've decided to hold off on this for now. The reason is, we're in early development of a Coast Guard crew that will be designed especially for the Landing Craft and I think it's best to wait for that project to be ready before releasing the new color. I am considering a last minute addition of a bagged figure set that would include a bunch of Iwo Jima Marines in Olive Drab. It would not include the Iwo Jima flag raising so would allow folks to build up their fighting troops at a great value. This one is still uncertain and I may wait until the next production, but either way let me know what you think. I don't know the exact quantity yet, but at least 24 of these figures:
BMC Toys Iwo Jima Marines in Olive Drab

Tanks' for all the feedback and suggestions.


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  • Great to see you up and running again. I’m a big fan of your King Tiger and Sherman tanks – and your soldiers, too. I’m hoping you will release new vehicles, espically armor in the future and thanks for returning.

    Mark on

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