BMC Toys: Oh Canada , Olive Green with Envy, & That IS a big knife.

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The new production of BMC Toys has been in stock for just a short time and thankfully, the products are just as popular as ever. Item #40009 D-Day Normandy Playset will likely be out of stock very soon, and #40027 Utah Beach will probably run out before Christmas. I'm already working on a BMC Toys restock order to arrive as early as February 2018. Along with restocks of the current lineup, I'm considering a couple of new items, and reissuing an older one.
First new potential item is a Canadian and German WW2 Soldier 31 piece bagged figure set. The Canadians would use the same mold as the BMC D-Day British figures, but molded in dark Khaki and without the bagpiper. The Germans might be molded in a new color, just for this set, possibly light gray. Here's a mockup of what the figures might look like:
BMC Toys Canada and Germandy WW2 Soldier Figures Mockup
Another new item up for consideration is an Olive Drab version of the D-Day LCVP Landing Craft. This color is both traditional for 'Plastic Army Men' sets, and also historically accurate as LCVPs were repainted Olive Drab for the crossing of the Rhine in March of 1945. Here's a digital mockup of the Landing Craft in OD:
BMC Toys Landing Craft Olive Drab Mockup
Also in the running for new production of the full scale BMC Toys 15 inch long Bowie Knife that was discontinued a couple of years ago. Here's an old stock example, and I'm thinking it might look better with a darker brown handle:

Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. I'm trying to get this restock production order moving fast, so the new items might not make the cut this round. I'm also in early development of a couple of other BMC Toys projects, but those are longer term projects that aren't quite ready for announcement just yet.
Tanks' for your support.

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