BMC Toys: It's a Gray Day, but Cleveland still Rocks.

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Where the heck is that is new batch of BMC? Well, as of right now it's in Cleveland. The container arrived in C-Town by train yesterday and is waiting for a truck to deliver to our warehouse in Akron next week. I know, it seems like it's taking forever, but we're in the home stretch now. Another milestone is all the product photos and descriptions have been updated. You can now click on the product photos for a large popup of the image instead of the smaller zoom effect that was in place before.

Here's some more factory floor photos from the latest production, featuring gray German Soldier figures from the D-Day sets:
BMC Toys WW2 German Soldier figures

BMC Toys WW2 German Soldier figures

BMC Toys WW2 German Soldier figures

Stay safe everyone.

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  • I like the idea of khaki green Canadians and khaki brown or earth colored British figures for Juno, Gold and Sword Beach playsets. Also, have you considered Germans in desert tan or light olive as Africa Corps against the Americans a la Operation Torch or Kasserine Pass? All in all, I like the innovative thinking.

    Bruce on
  • Looks like the “Jerries” are coming, lads! Fix bayonets! :)

    Landon on

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