BMC Toys: Don't be blue, the new stuff is almost here!

Posted by Jeff Imel on

The new batch of BMC Toys is almost here, current estimate is some time later next week.  Right now they're on the container ship Maersk Algol that has just docked in California. Next the container will be loaded on a train for the trip to Cleveland, Ohio, then trucked to our warehouse in Akron. 

To tide you over here's some more pictures from the recent production. Here's some Union troops being trimmed and sorted:
BMC Toys Civil War Union Figures trimmed from Spru

BMC Toys Civil War Figures Sorted at Factory

here's some of the Mexican troops from the Alamo set getting flash trimmed and sorted. These figures were originally Cubans in the BMC battle of San Juan Hill:
BMC Toys Alamo figures having flash trimmed:

BMC Toys Alamo Figures sorted at factory.



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  • Better hope the railroad that’s shipping is BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe). BNSF is the best RR in the country at this time.

    Thor Sheil on

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