BMC Toys: Changing of the Guard

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The new batch of BMC Toys should be in stock within the next couple of weeks. This is the first production since I purchased BMC Toys from the family of Bill McMaster following his untimely passing in late 2014. The new production was overseen by Bill's 25+ year business partner, Thomas Leung, and manufactured in the same factory that has been producing the line for over 20 years. Since the package art had to be redesigned due to licensing issues, we took the opportunity to make a few minor upgrades and changes to the product line. Other than the package art and following changes, everything is exactly the same as previous production. Here's a rundown on the changes to the BMC Toys product line in 2017:

  • 40028    ACW Appomattox Figures 26pc: Piece count increased to 26.
  • 40022    Alamo Figures 37pc: No changes.
  • 40023    ARW Yorktown Figures 34pc: No changes.
  • 49991    WW2 Amtrac Vehicle: Sticker sheet added.
  • 99999    WW2 Atlantic Wall Fortifications 21pc: New item.
  • 49996    WW2 Bombed Farm House: Walls changed to tan ABS plastic,  reinforcing lines added to interior and roof pins are thicker.
  • 40024    WW2 D-Day Figures 34pc: No changes.
  • 40009    WW2 D-Day Normandy Playset: Smaller tray style box. Sticker sheets, 3 flags and rocks added. Barbed wire, sandbags, and improved Farm House.
  • 40027    WW2 D-Day Utah Beach Playset 40pc: Sticker sheets added.
  • 49997    WW2 German Bunker with Cannon: Sticker sheet added.
  • 49999    WW2 German Tiger Tank (Gray): Sticker sheet added.
  • 49998    WW2 Higgins Boat Landing Craft: Sticker sheet added.
  • 40032    WW2 Iwo Jima Figures 32pc Olive and Tan: New item.
  • 40026    WW2 Iwo Jima Figures 32pc Sage and Butternut: No changes.
  • 40013    WW2 Iwo Jima Playset: Smaller tray style box, sticker sheets, 2 flags and rocks added.
  • 49990    WW2 Sherman Tank: Sticker sheet added.

 BMC Toys D-Day Playset Box 1998 vs 2017

There's many people to thank for making the relaunch of BMC Toys possible, but I especially want to thank the McMaster family for all their help, and for giving me the opportunity to continue BMC's legacy.

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  • How about manufacturing a WW1 playset with an interlocking trench system and tanks from that era? This has never been done before and would be an instant success and cause each buyer to buy at least two sets to have at least two opposing trenches.
    Also, ever think of making a Vietnam playset(s) with various jungle booby-traps, a firebase with sandbagged pillboxes, a PBR river/coastline playset, a cut-away underground tunnel complex, etc. This has never been done, nor has any Israeli/Arab playset ever been created nor even 54mm plastic soldiers from their many wars.

    Barry on

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