BMC Toys: Poppa's Day Production Roundup

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Here's a summary of what's going on with current BMC Toys production:

The container with restocks of D-Day Playsets and other popular items from the American Heroes Collection is in California and scheduled to arrive at our warehouse within the next couple of weeks. It also includes a limited production of the German King Tiger Tank in tan color:
BMC Toys Tan German King Tiger Tank Mockup

The shipment that's about to arrive from China should keep everything available through December, but I'll need to place a new order soon to keep popular items in stock into next year. The US government has plans to add 25% tariffs to toys imported from China some time this summer. If that happens, there will have to be a significant price increase. I wholeheartedly support US manufacturing, but the factory that produces the BMC line in China has been doing a great job making these products as far back as 1998, and it would be very difficult (and expensive) to move production. Let's hope the trade issues get worked out.

I'd like to add some new products to the next production order, and am working as fast as I can to get contents finalized and package art ready. We've been working on the BMC Toys Presidents of the US Series #1 reissue for a while. The molds were located and restored last year after being lost is storage. I wanted a smaller package for storage and shipping, but still have something that looks good in stores and gift shops. The new packaging will be a clam-shell type blister package with an insert card. The blister will keep the figures in place and displayed better than a polybag with header card. I'm also working on new designs for the collector cards, but the smaller package size means the cards are relegated to the back of the package. The original figures were medium gray, but I'm changing the color to a very light gray. Here's a mockup of the new package art and contents:
BMC Toys Presidents of the United States Package Art Mockup

The BMC Toys D-Day Tank Battle contents are likely finalized. It will be a 'Shoe box' size playset (like Utah Beach) that features the German King Tiger tank in Gray, Sherman Tank in Olive Drab (new color for the old favorite), and a few figures and accessories from the D-Day playsets to fill up the box. I'm hoping I can get the new package art completed in time for the next production:
BMC Toys D-Day Tank Battle Contents Mockup

Next up on my wish list for new production is a Civil War Accessory Set. Some of these pieces were available separately in the diorama line that was discontinued a few years ago. They were on the pricey side back then since the packs often only included a piece or two. I've found if we package a few pieces together it brings the overall cost down. The rustic wood-stone fence and laying down horses were among the molds recovered and repaired last year. I've decided to use the official government flag of the Confederacy instead of the more familiar 'rebel' battle flag. The Confederate battle flag has become so controversial that including it would actually get the product banned in a lot of marketplaces. I try to keep this product line as historically accurate as possible, so I think this is an OK compromise. Here's the potential contents:
BMC Toys Civil War Accessories Contents Mockup

I recently floated the idea of a 'Border War: The Punitive Expedition' bagged set using figures from the BMC San Juan Hill set and got some good feedback. I've continued to research and refine the potential contents. Here's my latest colors and contents mockup:
BMC Toys Border Wars 34 Piece Mockup

I'm also considering a San Juan Hill Buffalo Soldiers bagged set, as there's a lot of interest interest in the Buffalo Soldiers:

BMC Toys Buffalo Soldiers Contents Mockup

The German Bunker set is coming along, but we're still working on the 3D designs of the door and new Flak gun base, so it likely won't be ready this year. I'm planning to have the mold made and tested in time for the next production run in early 2020. In the meantime, I'm considering a simple bagged accessory set of the just the Blockhouse Walls:
BMC Toys Blockhouse Walls

Several new items and some restocks from the locally produced BMC Toys Classic Army Men Collector Series arrived over the past month and have been well received by customers. The colors, plastic, and quality of the molding have all been praised (I'm greatly appreciative that folks noticed). There have been some hiccups including delays and some initial production that has 2 left or 2 right oarsmen. That issue was corrected early on, but there could still be a few packs 'out in the wild', so if you get one just let me know and I'll make it right. The factory is getting close to wrapping up the rest production (that includes restocks of Axis Ambush sets), and we're getting ready for production of  the next reissues and restocks (including the Louis Marx & Co. WW2 Japanese) that should be available later this summer:
BMC Toys Classic Marx US Soldiers

This is a monster-long post, so if you're read this far I'm both impressed and grateful. Believe it or not, there's even more news that I'll have to save for a future post. In the meantime, if you have any feedback or suggestions on the new items let me know ASAP, as I have to finalize the next China production order within the next few days.


Remember to share your toys with the youngsters (or oldsters like 'em too),

Happy Father's Day,

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  • Hello im Luke and i have a idea on the D day tank battle why use the Sherman tank up against a king tiger i feel like that does not make much sense why not make a remodel
    (using the same mold) to make it look like the M4A3 E8 Sherman with its gun (i think)
    it can shoot the king tiger with its gun all you have to do is modify the gun.
    If you do ad this then thank you my back of my brain is satisfied. Also i love your toys Bmc! (-=

    Luke on
  • As always! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! You are my hero! I love what you do!

    Brandon Runckel on
  • Awesome stuff! Though I must say, the D-Day Tank Battle set may have a missed opportunity for an introduction of a Panzer IV model. Just my personal opinion, but I’m still excited nonetheless!

    Dylan Wittmer on
  • Jeff, great idea. But you own the molds for the Marx and BMC Marines. Why include these inferior figues? Also, you own the marx barbed wire and bunker molds. Think of how you could raise the mark by putting these figues in a playset with your tanks.

    Mark P. Wyrosdick on
  • I’m looking forward to getting a hold of these Presidential figures!

    Jordan Jachim on

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