BMC Toys: The Border Wars

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BMC Toys founder Bill McMaster had planned on releasing the Buffalo Soldiers and 71st New York Infantry figures from the San Juan Hill playset in separate packs of powder blue figures around 2013. The project was dropped when he learned that the molds were lost in deep storage.  Thankfully, the molds have been located and repaired, so I thought I'd complete those projects, with the exception of maybe making the Buffalo Soldiers dark blue. While doing some research another possibility presented itself, a 'Border War' set. I believe the Buffalo soldiers, NY Infantry, George Berry and General Pershing (character figures) all participated in the 'Pancho Villa Expedition', and I think the uniforms and weaponry fit the conflict. The Spanish forces already do double duty as Mexicans in the Alamo bagged set, so it's not a stretch to include them as an opposing force. Here's a couple of color and content mockups:
BMC Toys Border Wars Playset Mockup

BMC Toys Border Wars Playset Mockup

I think a 'Border War' bagged set with 3 colors and 2 gatling guns is a more exciting, timely, and educational way to use these figures, but I'm still researching, Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for the potential project, the colors, or resources for research.

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  • Need a Mexican Flag bearer.

    Brian Johnson on
  • Wonderful idea but the colors as shown are all wrong! US should already be in OD Green and Mexican Regulars in tan or khaki by this era. Mexican rebels could be in brown, maybe or rust. Also, don’t use the gatlings as they were obsolete. Use the Maxim guns on the tripods from the Rough Riders set instead. Throw a couple of desert colored rocks and cacti as well!

    It would be great to include an adobe building and/or a cheap 1/32 train as well in a boxed set.

    Mark T. on
  • I think the light blue troops would be very welcome. They will go with original Marx and several other manufacturers. Please avoid the forest green figues. A wierd color in a layout can ruin the whole thing.

    Mark Wyrosdick on

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