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I've been working hard to expand the line of BMC Toys Classic Army Men products this year. The latest additions are the Louis Marx & Co. WW2 US Soldiers that include Marines, Seated Marines, Paratroopers, and large Raft with Oarsmen in 5 different colors. The good news is they look fantastic, the bad news is they're taking longer to complete production than anticipated. I'd planned to have all the new recruits ready in April, but now it's looking like we're into mid to late May, although some will start trickling into Amazon sooner:
BMC Toys Classic Marx US Soldiers

Since the current production is wrapping up soon, I'm working on the next batch of items. I've scheduled some more molds for testing, and am also considering a light khaki green version of the Louis Marx & Co. WW2 Japanese soldiers, here's a digital mockup of what the color might look like:
BMC Toys Classic Marx WW2 Japanese Soldiers Pea Green

I'm holding off announcing the next round of new products until the molds are tested, but even further ahead, there's a mold that hasn't been produced for a long time that I've been thinking about. It's a Louis Marx & Co. set of  Airport Accessories that has a really nice radar tower, along with some of the other pieces in the mold that might make a cool 'Radar Base' accessory set:
BMC Toys Marx Airport Accessories

The radar tower is the star here, but there's a generator, fire extinguisher, ladder, stairs, and jet engine that could round out the package. My initial thoughts are the pack would include 3 of each piece in charcoal gray or stainless steel color. I think these would also make great Sci-Fi accessories. There's no plans for this product  yet, but thought I'd share to see if there's any interest.

That's it for now, I look forward to everyone's feedback.

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  • LOVE THE RADAR TOWER! also, extra army men accessories you dont see much are great too!

    Army of Toys on

    r smith on
  • I also vote for stainless steel & od green for the accessories. Weren’t the Japanese already produced in a light green ? Any ides what happened to the Tim-Mee molds for the US Cavalry. pirate, & Russian figures ?

    Rich Fisher on
  • When I was collecting toys. I would have bought sets in all the colors you made! Since there is 2-3 groups of people on Facebook that are collecting toy soldiers. I know you would be able to sell some.

    Carl Meurer on
  • I vote for stainless steel, and then army green after that. Charcoal gray can come later. Great set.

    Mike Bunkermeister Creek on

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