BMC Toys Production Roundup: April 2023

Posted by Jeff Imel on

BMC Toys American Hero Collection:
The next shipment is on schedule to arrive by April 20th and includes most of the out of stock WW2 bagged figure sets. The WW2 flags, Tan Iwo Jima Marines, and Yorktown bagged sets will be out of stock until next shipment arrives around August.
BMC Toys Classic Army Men Collection:
There were no arrivals in March, but lots of production is in progress and there should be a shipment with restocks later in April. The Marx Howitzer mold is expected back from repairs soon and is scheduled to get back into production this month. Some projects that were put on hold when COVID hit are getting back on track.
The 'Babies' is another one of the molds that were likely made in Italy but spent most production life in South America. The 'Bunch-O-Babies' will include Pink, Powder Blue, and Yellow figures. The 'Plastic Army Babies' is mainly a gag item in OD Green, Tan and Gray, but some may find them useful as civilian figures in plain colors:
BMc Toys Babies Insert Art

The 'Paul Revere' bagged set will include the Marx Colonial Characters in Powder Blue, colonial furniture in Coal Black, and a Cavalry Horse in Rust Brown. The back of the insert will feature a new article about the differences between the legend and history of the ride. The pack of Marx Cavalry Horses will include Cream White, Rust Brown, and Black horses:
BMC Toys Paul Rever Western Horses Desert Storm Insert Art

The 'Desert Storm' bagged set pairs Tan Tim Mee M16 soldiers vs. Medium Brown Marx Russians as Iraqi troops as an homage to the Processed Plastic and NewMarx Gulf War themed sets of the early 1990's.

To make sure as many new products as possible will be available for the 2023 holiday season I'm prioritizing getting production booked and package/sticker art ready. This means I need to delay working on a bunch of product content for the next month or two.

Tanks' for your support,

Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • I recommend ww2 us medical staff as in combat medics and stretcher bearers and german sanitaters as in german medics in most colors

    Jaydam borrero on
  • I think that you should make japanese tanks as well as panzer,tigers and m3 Stuart’s. and for playsets stalingrad would be a good one :)

    Jaydam borrero on
  • Please make an medium green half track and more products in medium green

    Will Farr on
  • While I love the remakes you make of the old classic figures and accessories, are there any “brand new” figure sets, vehicles and accessories for the future you are working on?

    Bobby Gene Moore on
  • Outstanding update! Thanks, Jeff!

    Paul Gruendler on

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