BMC Toys Production Roundup: May 2023

Posted by Jeff Imel on

NEW! BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:
I'm pleased to announce that Jim & Dave over at 'Classic Toy Soldiers' have agreed to pass along stewardship of their plastic injection molds to VictoryBuy. In the coming year I'll be introducing the BMC Toys 'Classic Toy Soldier Collector Series' that will bring the impressive CTS catalog of Louis Marx & Co. style figures and accessories to the toy market. CTS will continue to offer their amazing playsets to the Hobby market for the foreseeable future. A huge tanks' to Jim McGough and Dave Payne for all their help with this massive project.
BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:
'Korean War Winter Battle' 60mm bagged figure sets are scheduled to be available by June. These figures were originally designed and produced by 'Classic Toy Soldiers':

BMC Toys CTS Korean War Winter Battle 60mm bagged figure sets Package Photos

Some new bagged accessories are scheduled to arrive around August:

  • BMC-67600    BMC Blockhouse Roof Accessory Brown
  • BMC-67601    BMC WW2 German Flak Guns 4pc
  • BMC-67602    BMC Blockhouse Bunker Doors and Parts Gray
  • BMC-67603    BMC Blockhouse Bunker Doors and Parts Brown
Here's the header card and sticker sheet art for the Blockhouse Bunker Doors and Parts. The sticker sheet includes new 'Main Street' western themed signs and 'Military Base' sign stickers:
Blockhouse Bunker Doors and Parts Header and Sticker Art

The new mold for the BMC Hessians revival has been completed and includes 6 different figures plus duplicate standing and kneeling firing poses. The standing figure is new and the kneeling figure now has a base. These will be included in a 'Battle of Trenton' bagged set scheduled to arrive around November. The 37 piece set will include 21 BMC Colonials in Powder Blue and 16 Hessians in either Forest Green or mix of Forest Green and Coal Black. Here's test shots in Forest Green and Coal Black:
BMC Toys Hessian Soldiers Test Shots

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:
Production of popular restocks and some new items is ongoing including the Louis Marx & Co. Howitzer mold which is finally repaired and back in production. The next batch is expected to arrive mid-May.
BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:
Restock production of the Plastic Army Women is in progress to keep all the color variants in stock through the rest of 2023.

We've made great progress getting production booked and package/sticker art ready in time for the 2023 holiday season. The China manufactured portion is 98% complete so now I'm focusing on US production. I should be back to posting new product content to the online store again by June.

Jeff at VictoryBuy

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  • Jeff- did you purchase the CTS Prototypes of their mounted US Cavalry figures ?

    Rich Fisher on
  • I’m very excited for the re-released Hessians! In my opinion, they are some of the most versatile American Revolution figures out there. The new pose looks great too!

    Jordan J. on
  • When will the Korean war soldiers be available, and what will be the price?

    george on
  • Getting access to the CTS molds is HUGE! I’ll buy 20 of those awesome looking Korean War sets. I would also love to see a Pershing Tank to face off against your great Tiger. Also, it would be nice to see more of a focus on the Korean War going forward.

    Steve on
  • those Korean war army men look great

    ethan on

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