BMC Toys Production Roundup: June 2023

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BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:
The first wave of this new product line has been ordered and scheduled to arrive later this year:

Header art is ready and the factory has started making test shots:

BMC Toys Classic Toy Soldier Collection Test Shots


BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:
The new 1:30 scale (60mm) Korean War Winter Battle bagged sets will be released by July 1st. Here's a first look at the figures (I'm still working on the product pages):
BMC Toys Korean War Winter Battle Figure Close Ups
Restocks of the Yorktown, Iwo Jima Marines and WW2 Allies & Axis Flags just shipped and expected to arrive by late July along with some new bagged accessories:

The new 'Battle of Trenton' bagged set is scheduled to arrive around Fall. The 37 piece set will include 21 BMC Colonials in Powder Blue and 16 Hessians in Coal Black.  Here's the header art:
BMC Toys Battle of Trenton Header Card Art

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:
Several popular restocks arrived in May with more scheduled to arrive later this month along with some new items:

BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:
A new production run of Pink Plastic Army Women arrived. I'm considering a bagged set with just the medical and specialist figures in either just OD Green or mix of Tan and OD Green:

BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Medical and Support Figures

I'm still working on US production orders for 2023 and trying to stay one step ahead of the factory with the package art and printing. This is taking priority over new product content so you may see some gaps in new photos and product pages over the summer.  

Have a safe and reflective Memorial Day,
Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • Just got my latest order of top quality product in TODAY. .. Couldn’t be more pleased!

    William Gruendler II on
  • Those naval cannon look great and will work for the Civil War ironclads that I make…

    Clarence Causey on
  • Great news.

    Michael Prendergast on

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