BMC Toys Production Roundup: July 2023

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BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:
Test shots of the initial wave is complete and all colors have been finalized. A good selection of the new items should be available around October. Here's some of the pre-production samples:
BMC Toys CTS Pre-Production Samples

BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:
Restocks of the BMC Yorktown, Iwo Jima Marines and WW2 Allies & Axis Flags are on schedule to arrive late July along with the new BMC WW2 German Flak Guns. Last month I mentioned the new blockhouse accessories would also arrive in July, but was mistaken, they are scheduled to arrive around October:
BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:
Several popular restocks arrived in June along with the new Desert Storm figure set: BMC-67139 BMC Classic Desert Storm Soldiers 48pc

      'BMC Classic Louis Marx & Co. Cavalry Horses 12pc' & 'BMC Classic Lido 45mm Horses Parts Pack 18pc' just finished production and should arrive around late July. The Lido horses will also be included in the upcoming 1:40 scale MPC Revolutionary War figure sets scheduled for production this summer.

      BMC Toys New Items July 2023


      The Paul Revere bagged sets are in final production and also expected to arrive around late July along with the 'babies' sets that just started production.

      BMC Toys Paul Revere and Babies Production Photos


      BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:
      Some restocks are in currently in production and Rosie the Riveter Statue Colors are scheduled for production soon.

      Tim Mee Toy - Realistic Reissues
      The July 2023 Production update is posted on

      I'm still working on package art for 2023 production. This is taking priority over new product content so you may see some gaps in new photos and product pages over the summer.

      Happy Independence Day!
      Jeff at BMC Toys


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      • I like to get the Paul Revere set when it comes out. The blue color looks nice.

        Michael Prendergast on

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