BMC Toys Production Roundup: August 2023

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BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:
The initial wave of production is complete and estimated to arrive around early November:
  • BMC-67381 ACW Soldiers 32pc Powder Blue vs. Gray
  • BMC-67364 Barbed Wire Accessories 18pc
  • BMC-67410 Battle of Little Big Horn 20pc
  • BMC-67363 Desert Ranch Accessories 15pc
  • BMC-67360 Estate Ruins Accessories 13pc
  • BMC-67362 Fall Forest Accessories
  • BMC-67380 Marx ACW Soldiers 31pc Powder Blue vs. Gray
  • BMC-67390 Naval Cannon 6pc Black & Bronze
  • BMC-67366 Redoubt Position with Naval Cannon 12pc Brown
  • BMC-67361 Woodland Forest Accessories
  • BMC-67315 WW2 German Assault and Support 24pc Gray
  • BMC-67335 WW2 German Hanomag 5pc Gray
  • BMC-67310 WW2 German Infantry 32pc Soldiers Gray
  • BMC-67305 WW2 Italian Soldiers 24pc Gray-Green
  • BMC-67307 WW2 Japanese Soldiers 24pc Tan
  • BMC-67340 WW2 Russian T-34 Tank Olive Green
  • BMC-67341 WW2 Russian T-34 Tank Red
  • BMC-67342 WW2 Russian T-34 Tank Rust Brown
  • BMC-67300 WW2 US Soldiers 33pc OD Green
Here's some of the bagged accessory set samples:
BMC Toys Classic Toy Soldiers Bagged Accessory Set Samples

BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:
Restocks of the BMC Yorktown, Iwo Jima Marines and WW2 Allies & Axis Flags are scheduled to arrive around Mid-August, along with the new BMC WW2 German Flak Guns. The new blockhouse accessories bagged sets are scheduled to arrive around October:
  • BMC-67603 Blockhouse Parts Brown
  • BMC-67602 Blockhouse Parts Gray
  • BMC-67600 Blockhouse Roof Accessory Brown

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:
A few restocks and some new items are scheduled to arrive around Mid-August.

  • BMC-67091 Classic Marx US Artillery 3pc Set Silver Gray
  • BMC-67050 Classic Marx Paul Revere 21pc Set
  • BMC-67084 Classic Marx WW2 US Soldiers 31pc Yellow
  • BMC-67049 BMC Classic Louis Marx & Co. Cavalry Horses 12pc

Here's some photos of the Louis Marx & Co. Cavalry horses:

BMC Toys Louis Marx & Co Cavalry Horses

Some production runs of these horses in-the post-Marx era have been slightly to very thin, so we did everything possible to make them as 'fat' as possible through machine settings and materials. I haven't had a chance yet to compare with vintage Louis Marx & Co. production but I suspect they may still be thinner than originals, possibly due to mold refacing at some point over the past several decades. That said, the Paul Revere figure sits nicely on these horses even though he was designed for a different horse.  The 'babies' sets that started production early July are on-hold pending mold repairs. I'm told it's not serious but don't have an estimated date when it will be back online.

BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:
The Purple & Blue Plastic Army Women are running low.

Package art and sticker sheet projects are winding down so there should be progress catching up on all the product content this month.

Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • When will you get more parts for the C-13 airplanes?

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