BMC Toys Production Roundup: September 2023

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BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:

The initial wave of production is in transit and estimated to arrive around early October. These are production samples currently part of a massive product photo project:

BMC Insert 2023
Here's the 1:32 scale WW2 German Hanomag and 1:40 scale Soviet 85mm T-34 Tanks with included alternate 76mm turrets:
BMC Image 2
... and new bagged figure set package photos:
The second wave of new BMC CTS items is shipping soon and expected to arrive around mid-November:
  • BMC-67290 CTS WW2 US Artillery 12pc OD Green
  • BMC-67301 CTS WW2 US Soldiers 33pc Tan
  • BMC-67302 CTS WW2 US Soldiers 33pc Gray
  • BMC-67320 CTS WW2 German Panzer IV Tank Gray
  • BMC-67322 CTS WW2 German Panzer IV Tank Dark Gray
  • BMC-67325 CTS WW2 German Panther Tank with Crew Gray
  • BMC-67330 CTS WW2 German Tiger Tank with Crew Gray
  • BMC-67345 CTS WW2 US Sherman Tank 2pc OD Green
  • BMC-67350 CTS WW2 British Churchill Crocodile Tank OD Green
  • BMC-67351 CTS WW2 British Churchill Crocodile Tank Tan
  • BMC-67355 CTS WW2 Japanese Chi-Ha Tank 2pc Tan
  • BMC-67370 CTS WW2 German Artillery 15pc Gray

I'm also working on contents of three new BMC CTS Alamo bagged sets for next year. The first bagged set is expected to include 12 Texans and 24 Mexican Infantry. Another bagged set will likely be all Mexico (maybe 6 Texans), and the 3rd will be set of Mexican Light Cavalry. Jim & Dave at Classic Toy Soldiers created so many different Alamo era Mexico figures it's been tough to wrap my brain around them all. I'm leaning towards matching colors with the current BMC Brown Texans / Power Blue Mexicans as those have been the most popular. Let me know what you think.

BMC Toys - American Hero Collection: 

Restocks of the BMC Yorktown, Iwo Jima Marines and WW2 Allies & Axis Flags arrived last month. The new BMC WW2 German Flak Guns are delayed until next week due to an error on my part. Restocks of the Gray King Tiger Tanks, OD Green Amtrak, and the new blockhouse accessories bagged sets are scheduled to arrive around early October:

BMC Image 4

The battle of Trenton bagged sets are about to ship for mid-November arrival. The redesigned Jagdpanzer IV Tank Destroyer mold needs a couple of finishing touches so won't be available until around February 2024. 

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:

A few restocks and some new items arrived in August.

BMC Image 5
The 'babies' mold has been repaired and the new sets will be available around early October:

BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:

The Purple Plastic Army Women are back in stock and Blue are running low. Rosie the Riveter Statue Colors have been delayed, and I'm not sure when they will be available.

I've made a lot of progress on new product content, but there is still an enormous amount of work to do. Please bear with me as I've officially bitten off more than I can chew.

Happy Labor Day,
Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • definitely going to get one of the T34 tanks!!! do yall plan on making the half track in the classic green and tan colors?

    blob on
  • Perhaps on the colors for the CTS Mexicans, you should do cream and metallic blue which were discontinued but parallel the Marx colors.

    Mike Handley on
  • I know it will be awhile, as I’m sure you have your hands full enough as it is, but I think you should make the marx howitzers in red. Also, it would be great if you could make the CTS ww2 US infantry figures in blue and red. I also think the CTS Alamo Mexicans would look good in a darker blue color so that they could be more suitable as Napoleonic French infantry.Thanks for be awesome and keep up the good work.

    James on
  • Hello again lovely people, My name is Roger Ross, not Roger Rodd, it’s Ross. Modern technology is not as great

    as they think they are..
    I am very interested in history, very deeply. When I see different sets of toy soldiers, I view that as history. I read books, I know a lot. When I was about 8 or 9, I got a booklet
    “ how and why the American Civil War “ the booklet covered the reasons of Who, What, Where, Why and When. It was great. I apply that title to many books I read, the Alamo, The French &Indian War, the fall of the Roman Empire. The Spanish invasion of Mexico.
    I look at toy soldiers as historical figures of different periods of history. Have fun and learn. Therefore I to thank for what you have done.

    Roger Ross on
  • I’ve been buy your sets since you grist produced The Alamo Playset. I probably did get 7 sets of the Alamo sets. I have made the complete Alamo chapel, 18”X 24”. That looks great, I used 1/2” Foam board I filled in the back of the chapel . Then still used 1/2” foam

    Board to make the rest of the chapel …will you ever do any pirate sets? With female pirates too. I have gotten all your sets but for WWll. I have about three of Custer’s Last Stand, Teddy. Roosevelt and the Rough Riders at San Juan hill. I have a brand new one still. Great sets one and all.Even WWll. Your Mexican army and the Indians are great. Your accessories are the cream of the crop. the building are outrageously awesome, really amazing. I got three of your Gettysburg Playsets. Although I don’t get into the Civil War I have brought many of your sets. One day when my wife will be gone for a day or two. I’m going to get the Civil War sets out and sit-up all the figures with the buiding and the church, your burned out building. I’m gonna have a ball. Thank your very much.
    Please do think of the,pirates, if you can. I am quite happy with your stuff.
    Roger Ross
    (423) 259-1836 I am 78yrs

    Roger Rodd on

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