BMC Toys Production Roundup: October 2023

Posted by Jeff Imel on

BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:

The first wave of this new product line just arrived:

 Here's the bagged figure sets:

BMC Image 2023

...and bagged accessory sets:

BMC 2023 Set

...and vehicles:

BMC Toys Classic Toy Soldiers Collector Series Vehicles

The second wave of new BMC CTS items has shipped and estimated to arrive around mid-November. Product photography is in progress.

BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:

Restocks of the Gray King Tiger Tanks, OD Green Amtrak, and the new blockhouse accessories bagged sets just arrived:

BMC 2023

The battle of Trenton bagged sets are estimated to arrive around mid-November. The redesigned Jagdpanzer IV Tank Destroyer should arrive around February 2024.

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:

A few restocks and some new items just arrived:

The baby figures are somewhat rough with a fair amount of flash and some faces aren't well molded:

BMC 2023

BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:

The Purple Plastic Army Women are back in stock and Blue are running low. Rosie the Riveter Statue Colors will be out of stock for a while.

I'm continuously working on the new product content and planning to have most of it completed by the end of October.

For the latest Tim Mee Toy production news visit the TimMeeUSA New Blog:

Happy Fall,
Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • Any plans for a future tan or gray Dominator tank re-issue? Many thanks for your great efforts to bring back these vintage toys….


    Clarence on
  • There are no current plans for ancient rulers.

    There are very early plans for future playsets with the CTS product line.

    Jeff Imel on
  • Any plans to make a line of ancient rulers? Cleopatra’s court, Augustus and Livia, napoleon and Josephine? . . . .

    Philip Copeland on
  • Do you plan on making any playsets using the new CTS line of army men

    Eric on

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