BMC Toys Production Roundup: November 2023

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BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:
The first wave has been well-received and the second wave is scheduled to arrive mid-November:

Product info is completed except for the artillery sets. Here's some product photos:

BMC 2023

The BMC version of the CTS US Halftrack is currently estimated to arrive around Spring of 2024. The factory has been working on a couple of minor improvements to make the standing gunner figure removable and the gun fit more securely.

CTS Alamo figures are planned for 2024 and I'm considering the Mexican Napoleonic uniform figures for 'War of 1812' and/or 'Battle of Waterloo' bagged figure sets.

BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:
Everything is well stocked for the holidays except the Atlantic Wall and Gray Blockhouse Roof which could run out before restocks arrive in Spring 2024. The new Battle of Trenton bagged sets are scheduled to arrive Mid-November:

The Hessians are reproductions of the original BMC Toys Yorktown figures. Great care was taken to maintain the original size and detail as much as possible. The kneeling figure has been improved with a base, and a new standing firing figure has been added. The new mold makes 2 each of the standing and kneeling firing figures so there are 4 of each in the set.

BMC Product 2023

The redesigned Jagdpanzer IV Tank Destroyer should also arrive around February 2024. The new version includes some barrel improvements and a tank commander. The long barrel is now interchangeable with an included short barrel. The removable tank commander is a scaled up copy of the CTS tank commander:

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:
Most items are well stocked for the holidays, and a couple restocks are scheduled to arrive Mid-November. BMC Classic Marx Landing Craft in Gray and OD/Tan are running low and restocks might arrive in December.

BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:
The Blue Plastic Army Women are running low, but all other colors are well stocked. Rosie the Riveter Statue Colors remain out of stock for a while.

For the latest Tim Mee Toy production news visit the TimMeeUSA New Blog:

Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • Could you please make a Russian WW2 army because the Russian army men are not cool and only have like 1 soilders who can shoot and can you please make a m26 pershing its a cool tank that I will buy as soon as it comes out

    Nicholas greenwood on
  • Renewed interest in toy soldier collecting coincides with Netflix’s documentary series “The Toys that Made Us” and “The Toys that Built America”.

    Thank you for helping to reclaim my lost childhood.

    Jack Luz on
  • Will the German cts tanks be tan as well?

    Connor Jarrett on
  • Awesome looking forward to ordering some more of these ww2 tanks and vehicles 1/32 scale’s

    Paul Schupska on

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