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Welcome to the new BMC Toys shop. Here you'll find all currently available BMC Toys products, along with production updates and other projects we might be working on.
We're working with BMC's long-time production agent on a new production run of BMC playsets including Iwo Jima, D-Day at Normandy, and D-Day Utah Beach. We hope to have the boxed sets, along with new production of Higgins Landing Craft, Gray German Tiger Tanks, German Pillbox Bunkers and an improved Bombed Farm House available by Fall 2016. The Farm House tooling is currently in the shop getting interior reinforcements added to help prevent warping.
BMC Toys Farm House Mold
We're also adding flags with bases and rock formation to the D-Day Normandy and Iwo Jima sets.  These 'new' pieces are based upon pieces that were originally in the BMC Alamo playset. The new flag pole will be slightly thicker to keep it from bending as easily as the original. Here are the original pieces:
BMC Toys Alamo Flag Base and Rock Formation 
We'll keep you posted as to progress.

Tanks' for checking in,
Jeff Imel, President
BMC Toys & VictoryBuy Inc. 

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  • Wow they are back

    Andrew on
  • They always made good vehicles, structures and equipment.

    Thor Sheil on

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