BMC Toys: COVID-19 Status

Posted by Jeff Imel on

BMC Toys has been able to operate throughout the crisis. The main issue we've run into is that International shipments have been extremely slow to arrive due to backlogs in postal systems in the US and abroad. I made the difficult decision to suspend accepting new international orders until further notice. Orders within the USA have been arriving with occasional minor delays and we've had just a couple of packages with long delays. 

I work from a home office, and so do many of the folks I work with, so we didn't need to make any big changes to get our work done. Our warehouse in Ohio has a small staff and implemented lots of safety measures and health checks. A container just arrived and we had it dropped off instead letting the truck wait for unloading so there was time to unload without more than one person in the container. Two of the factories we work with were shut down but have reopened, and the third factory has been operating with limited staff making essential items. I've let everyone I work with know that I'll support whatever decisions they make to keep their staff and communities safe. 

There have been a lot of logistical issues due to COVID-19 crisis, but they have been manageable and I've taken several measures to ensure BMC Toys can survive the emergency. Right now my main focus is on making sure we're stocked for the rest of year and getting several projects that have been in the works completed.

Tanks' for all your patience, well-wishes, and support,

Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • Looking forward to ordering more fine products to Canada – I’ve had wonderful fun and enjoy dealing with BMC – Any idea when you might be up and running for international orders? I wouldn’t mind the wait – for a quality product like yours!

    Justin Labine on
  • You guys keep doing your best! But I’m from Australia and what if I want to order something here in BMC toys and you can’t accept international orders right now does that mean I can’t get it?

    Darren on
  • I think that it is great that your firm is continuing business; I am looking forward to resumption of international orders- I will buy several “border wars” series, the 1916 punitive expedition is a fascinating period, little recognized in the toy soldier industry. Well done and good luck to your people in these difficult days. John spittle.

    John Spittle on

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