BMC Toys Production Roundup: February 2023

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BMC Toys American Hero Collection:
Several popular products are out of stock. Restock are on the way and expected to arrive before the end of February.
I'm getting ready to book production for the rest of 2023 and adding new bagged sets of of Blockhouse Parts and German Flak Guns, and also a brown variant of the blockhouse roof:
BMc Toys Blockhouse Parts and Flak Guns

BMC Toys Classic Army Men Collection:
A new shipment arrived in January with restocks plus some new items and color variants:

More restocks and color variants are expected to arrive this month. I got a first look at the 'Mad Scientist Lab' accessories and the Louis Marx & Co. Cape Canaveral accessories in bronze and Moonbase furniture in liberty green colors look amazing. The Louis Marx & Co. Howitzer mold is still out for repairs. The MPC DUKW molds were tested again this week after some more repairs and results were good so the next step is sending out the accessory mold for some polishing. Here's a first look at the new 'Spaghetti Western Teepee' and a recent DUKW test shot:
BMC Toys Classic TeePee MPC DUKW Test Shots

Happy Groundhog Day,

Jeff at BMC Toys

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