BMC Toys Production Roundup: January 2023

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BMC Toys American Hero Collection
Some popular products are now low or out of stock. The next restock order has shipped and scheduled to arrive around late February. There's been a lot of development towards a BMC Toys Yorktown playset revival. Progress slowed since October as I haven't had time to provide feedback on the 3D models. I'm looking forward to digging back into this project and getting a full boxed playset back into production along with supporting shoebox and bagged sets. 

BMC Toys Classic Army Men Collection
Lots of restocks and a couple of new color variants arrived just in time for Christmas 2022:

BMC Toys New Colors December 2022

The next shipment should arrive by late January and will include some more color variants and the new Teepee parts packs:

The small Teepee is a mold from South America that most likely originated in Italy. It's similar to the teepee that was offered by MPC, except this one is round instead of flat sides. The mold was in good shape, but had a sketchy mounting system, so it had to be reworked to a more standard mounting system for production in the PA factory. I don't have finished product photos yet, but this should give you a general idea:

BMC Toys Classic Army Men Teepee Mold Photos


Plans for 2023 include more of the 'Parts Packs' so we can get more vintage molds back into production. The parts packs are basically the contents made from a single mold packed in a polybag with a sticker label. The parts packs will also function as 'building blocks' for larger sets. This is kind of a throwback to how many of these molds were originally utilized in production at the Louis Marx & Co. factory. The parts from a single mold were trimmed and packed in a small paper bag right at the plastic injection machine. The bags were boxed and warehoused until they were needed for boxed playset packing.

BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Collection
The second production run of the Plastic Army People Bucket set arrived just in time for Christmas 2022. This set was originally requested by a number of supporters during the Plastic Army Women Kickstarter. After the initial run to fulfill all the preorders and Kickstarter rewards, production of this set stalled. It's a fairly complicated since it involves 11 different molds and 2 different colors. It kept getting pushed back as the factory wrestled with all the problems from COVID-19 and then moving to a new facility.

I've received a number of requests for a Plastic Army Women Project update from Kickstarter supporters. I need to write up a full post about finishing the project, the impact it had, and potential future related projects. In the meantime I'm happy to share the follow-up to the Plastic Army Women stop motion video from 2021 (which received 3.9 million views). Here's JaCobra Studio's Army Women 2:

Tim Mee Toy Realistic Reissues
I'm moving Tim Mee Toy production news to the website. You can find the latest update here: Tim Mee Toy Production News: January 2023.

I've got lots of projects in progress that I can't reveal until I have a better idea of the timelines.  All the uncertainty over the past couple of years has made it nearly impossible estimate how long any particular part of a project might take. 

Here's to the hope that we'll all have just a little less uncertainty in our lives this year. Tanks' for all your support and patience.

Happy New Year,

Jeff at BMC Toys 

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  • …looking forward to all the new stuff and the gray Walker Bulldogs in particular..

    Clarence Causey on
  • Good to see what you are doing.

    Sean O'Shea on
  • My wish in the new year would be for you to produce and sell a wider variety of WW2 tanks, especially T34 and KVs. I love the durability and price point of your armour, but crave more the Shermans and Tiger IIs. Just sayin’!

    Steve Forbes on

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