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We get lots of questions, here's some Q&A from October & November 2022:

Q: My son is a big fan of your products, and we are located in Norway. Are there any dealers here? If not, I am going to London before Christmas. Are there any dealers in London? 
A: Tiger Hobbies is the only dealer in the UK that stock some of our products:

Q: Is it possible to get just the top foliage,or one complete largest palm tree to complete my Iwo Jima set?
A: We're not able to offer those parts separately.

Q: Do you have a physical catalog?
A: We don't have a current print catalog.

Q: Do you have any upcoming sales or codes available?
Enter code 12GREEN22 during checkout for 12% off your order through December 12th, 2022. There may also some sale items here:

Q: Do you carry recast Louis Marx & Co. army training center 45mm 1950s figures including the nurse and GI with mess kit?
A: We do not currently stock that set. The mold need repairs and the 45mm scale isn't as popular so it's a lower priority.

Q: Will you be getting the Tootsietoy (originally Lido figures) 40 piece Cowboys and Indians set any time soon?
A: There's no current plans for new production of those figures.

Q: I really enjoy collecting these plastic toys. I like the nostalgic feel but with the new quality look and smell and colors. I set up a small train layout with cowboys & cattle, were there ever any women produced? Hooped skirts ACW style or women cowboys, cowgirls, or saloon girls or town folk?
A: There were Western women figures produced by several manufacturers. The best place to research is

Q: Will you someday bring back desert tan army men such as those in TM-06118? I understand that the desert tan army men have been replaced with tan, which are darker, but was curious if Tim Mee intended to either bring those back someday, or replace all desert tan vehicles with tan?
A: The desert tan color was retired when the Michigan factory closed. New production manufactured in Pennsylvania will all be the tan color. It will take time for the desert tan stock to sell out and the new tan versions to be available. We don't have stock of desert tan soldiers available.

Q: Do you ship to Australia?
A: You can see FedEx shipping rate to Australia during checkout before entering payment info. We are not offering postal service to Australia until 2023 due to unreliable service over the past couple of years including many lost and delayed packages.

Q: There is a game that utilizes plastic army men/women called Combat Storm: I have recently bought 8 packs of green and tan Iwo Jima U.S. Marines and Army Women sets to play this game with. I am hoping to buy more sets but would prefer to have a pack of army men/women with the poses that would fit the gameplay such as holding weapons in the firing position. They have 10 classes of soldiers. You have included these types in both sets but I would prefer to just have those poses in one pack. There are also rules for Special Forces. Would you make a set with male/female Special Forces Soldiers?
A: I don't have any projects like this scheduled at this time. It's generally not feasible to offer specific poses from sets since all the different poses of a set are in the same mold.

Q: I'm interested in the BMC Invasion of Normandy set, but would like more information in regards to the materials and a safety.
A: All of our products are safety tested by US government approved independent lab. Most of the pieces in the BMC Toys D-Day Playset are Polypropylene plastic except for the walls of the house which are ABS. The same factory has been producing this set since it was introduced in 1998, and manufacturing is overseen by the same firm in Hong Kong since 1991.

Q: Will you be making the M60 Patton Super Tank? I signed up on the email list but you should repost it so more people can see it. If you do, will you make the machine gun turret on top of the man turret with the cannon swivel, and will it be 1:48 scale ?
A: A Super Tank is still on our list of potential projects, but I have not been able to schedule it for development yet. I'm not promoting it until I have a potential timeline.

Q: I was wondering when the BMC Toys Plastic Army People 100 piece bucket set will be back in stock?
A: I don't have an arrival date yet, but hopefully around Mid-December 2022.

Q: I am desperately trying to purchase the Tim Mee Toy Hercules C-130 set, do you know where I can buy this from?
A: New production of the Tim Mee Toy C-130 will not be available for a few more months. The factory in Michigan that produced the Tim Mee Toy product line closed and the new factory in Pennsylvania is still building the infrastructure needed to produce large items like the Hercules C-130.

Q: I have a suggestion, could you make a set that is all OD Green Vietnam era troops, and there could be variations like a 100 and 200 set of one specific pose? It would help since I’m trying to buy a specific type of troop (the soldier with the M-16, aiming and kneeling).
A: We have a 48pc pack of OD Green available now: Packs of individual poses aren't feasible as all the poses are in the same mold.

Q: I think you guys should make the German half tracks and make the Russian T38 tank from WW2.
Thanks for the product suggestion.

Q: Love the new Red, White & Blue Tim Mee Toy Patton Tank set. I asked you to do this along time ago only in the Tim Mee trucks. Great ambulance in white with Red cross stickers. But what do I know? I do know I will buy them. 24-year toy soldier collector.
I'm planning to add more colors of the Tim Mee Toy M34 Deuce & a Half Cargo Trucks the next time they are produced. White trucks are a good possibility.

Q: Bought a truck that has construction equipment to haul from Amazon. Your pics made it look much larger than what it truly is. It just was an absolute ripoff!
We accept returns for any reason. Judging size from online photos is difficult, so I include detailed measurements in all of our item descriptions and include a product photo with measurements and a US Quarter to help show scale.

Q: The BMC Toys reissue of the Louis Marx & Co. goldmine looks pretty close to the original color of the Gunsmoke pieces. Could you confirm how close? I have some but not all the original parts and looking to supplement.
I can't offer advice on color match to vintage pieces. The only way to tell is to compare the actual pieces next to each other in person.

Q: I wanted to ask since the success of the US Army Women set, are there plans for a second series in the future? Is it possible for other time periods?
There's no progress to announce at this time.

Q: Thanks as always for your outstanding products - high quality and lots of fun ! I enjoy especially your reproduction Marx ww2 soldiers the Russian and Japanese soldiers are the best. Do you know if at sometime BMC might offer the Marx German soldiers - they would be awesome especially in some different colors !! In any case best wishes and thank you for your exceptional products !
We don't have access to those molds so there are no plans at this time.

Q: My order should be taxed exempt. What steps do I need to take to have the tax be refunded?
We need a completed PA Sales Tax Exemption form for PA sales tax exempt customers.

Q: I’m a big fan of your toys but I was wondering if you could make more buildings. The farmhouses are good but I feel like you should have more styles of the buildings. These would make my dioramas perfect.
Thanks for the product suggestion.

Q: Do you buy used die-cast models that have never been played with? 
We do not buy or sell any used/vintage items.

Q: How much would it cost to get all of your plastic army men sets? (One of each) 
I'm not sure. We have nearly 200 current items, but many are redundant or not in stock. In any case, it would be a lot.

Q: I was wondering if any new major sets were being worked on, and perhaps sets of different eras?
We're working on a potential BMC Toys Yorktown Playset revival as well as several other long-term projects. I can't announce anything yet as timelines and details are still very uncertain.

Q: I was playing with the Russian army men you have and noticed that I didn't have a tank for them. I know new molds are expensive but a T34 or such would be really cool!
A: Thanks for the product suggestion.

Q: I was wondering if BMC Toys has had any interest in recasting and producing original Louis Marx & Co. sets such as WWII Free French, British, American GIs, and German Infantry?
Thanks for the product suggestions.

Q: Do you sell 1/32 scale guns for the BMC Toys Higgins Boal Landing Craft?
No gun kit has been made for this vehicle yet, but a set with the guns and coast guard crewmen is on my 'to-do' list.

Q: Hello Is there any way you can sell custom order from BMC WW2 Iwo Jima Plastic Army Men 32pc Sage US & Butternut Japan Soldier Figures, but in separate bags of each so multiple bags of butternut Japan soldiers and multiple bags of us army sage soldiers sold separately not mixed. 
We can't offer custom assortments. These colors have been discontinued and there are only a few packs left. 

Q: Can you ship Internationally through the VictoryBuy eBay store?
I don't offer international shipping through the VictoryBuy eBay store.

Q: Producing a board game and trying to produce with games pieces. There are 5 figures with a timeline we are looking at 3-4 months.
I can't help you with your project as the timeline is too short. Each project is different, but I generally recommend a timeline of at least 12 months.

Q: Please make the BMC Toys Reissue of the DK Toys and Novelties soldier figures available.
I'm planning new production of this figure set in 2023.

Q: Can you restock the Tim Mee Toy Cyan Blue vs Rust Brown army men?
This item is discontinued, and there are no plans for new production of these colors at this time. Separate bags of rust brown and light blue are possible in the future if there is enough interest.

Q: Can you ship your products to Italy?
Italy does not allow postage of imported plastic toys. Waterloo 1815 Plastic Soldiers at has imported some of products.

Q: We go out of our way to purchase only American Made products whenever we can, where are your products made?
It varies depending upon the product line. All of our Tim Mee Toy items are made in the United States. The BMC Toys 'Classic Army Men' product line started in 2018 and is made in the US using vintage toy molds unless otherwise noted. The original BMC Toys 'American Hero' product line has always been manufactured in China, and the same factory has been producing these items since 1998. Manufacturing of the 'American Hero' product line is overseen by the same firm in Hong Kong since 1991. All products are safety tested by an independent US government approved lab.

Q: Any thoughts about reproducing the Tim Mee Toy Aircraft Carrier?
It's possible, but the factory is still working on getting set to produce larger items so it's a way off.

Q: I would love to see the Tim Mee Toy Cavemen back in production again.
These are planned for production in 2023 as part of prehistoric bag and bucket sets.

Q: Could you add 1:48 M4 Shermans? You could sell them in groups of 5 and have the 5th one be a firefly variant or a m4e8. Also could you sell a tank destroyer also 1:48 ? maybe model it after an archer and maybe an M18 Hellcat that would be really cool.
Thanks for the product suggestions.

Q: Do you make any accessories for 3.75”figures?

Q: Where can I find sitting army men for the Tim Mee Toy Combat Convoy truck?
There are seated soldiers that work well for the back of the Tim Mee Toy Truck included in many of these sets:

Q: I recently bought a vintage Tim Mee Toy auto transport toy on ebay that is identical to the one I had as a child in the 60's. I believed that it was original, but then I learned that you are making reissues. Have you ever reissued this particular item? I would love to know a little bit more about it.
I don't have much information on the car carrier, but it hasn't been produced in a very long time. I don't know the whereabouts of the molds so no reissue is planned.

Q: What is the size of the BMC Toys Iwo Jima gray mountain scape? Thinking of trying to build a base so that my son can play army!
The Mount Suribachi measures 19 x 15.5 x 5.5 inches high

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Happy Holidays,
Jeff at BMC Toys

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