Mail Call - August & September 2022 Q&A

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We get lots of questions, here's some Q&A from August & September 2022:

Q: Congratulations to VictoryBuy purchasing Tim Mee Toy. What does this mean regarding other Tim Mee Toy molds, like the Attack Battle Station?
A: All the space/sci-fi themed molds were included.

Q: When you guys are restocking the Tim Mee Toy plastic army men, can you put blue vs gray in the 100pc bags instead of red? Since the gray vehicles come with blue vehicles. It makes more sense when buying.
A: We're introducing a bunch of single color 48pc Tim Mee Toy soldier packs and the Blue vs. Gray vehicles will eventually be replaced by single color packs.

Q: Do you have any M60 patent super tanks in stock?
A: We don't produce or stock an M60 Patton Super Tank. It is a potential project that may or may not occur and currently has no timeline.

Q: Any plans to restock grey Tim Mee Toy soldiers to go with all those grey vehicles?
A: Yes, they should be available some time Fall 2022:

Q: Any future projects like new tanks planes or playsets?
A: No new Tim Mee Toy tanks, planes or playsets are currently scheduled. Right now we're focused on getting the current product line back into production after the big factory move.

Q: Recently I've been reading your Q&A Blogs labeled as "Mail Call". I've noticed that there have been a lot of mentions about the change from olive green to OD green. I am wondering what the big deal is and why you are switching, as well as the benefit and what it means for the other colors. I am also kind of confused on what the difference is between the two.
A: Production of the Tim Mee Toy product line has moved to the local PA factory that produces the BMC Toys Classic Army Men product line. The "Army Green" color used by the old factory in Michigan was a darker shade. It doesn't make sense for the local factory to stock and produce the different shades of "Army Green". In my opinion the OD Green color is a better "Army Green" color so moving forward, the Tim Mee Toy line will match the BMC Toys colors.

Q: Will you have the Tim Mee Toy 14 inch Military Cargo Truck in tan?
There's no plans for a tan version at this time.

Q: I was wondering if and when you would be restocking the Green vs Green Tim Mee Toy Plastic Army men?
The Tim Mee Toy 96pc Green vs. Green set has been discontinued. A 48pc pack of medium green is available:

Q: I was wondering if BMC has any plans to reproduce the Louis Marx & Co. WW2 French infantry sets and/or the MPC American infantry and vehicles from the same period? If not, are there any other future releases planned at this time?
A: There are currently no plans for those item. There are a lot of projects in progress but nothing I can announce yet as timelines are uncertain.

Q: My 6 year old son loves your toys; we have hundreds of the soldiers as well as the Walker Bulldog and Dominator tanks. They have provided him with so many hours of enjoyment. I wanted to pass along a request from my son to develop a Landkreuzer toy, only slightly larger than the dominator. It also has to be green. Thank you for the toys and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. 
Thanks for the product suggestion. That's a very interesting vehicle. The toy would be a very big project and probably not something we could consider to attempt in the near future.

Q: I've been searching for some information on vintage Tim Mee Toy figure sets, such as the year they were produced and how many different types of bags were produced in this line and haven't been able to find any catalog online and all of the reference books I have only mentions them but doesn't go into production years or items in the line. I was hoping someone might be able to provide some more insight on these. Is there a checklist that has all of the army sets that were made when these were produced?
A: has a good list of bagged sets, but it is not comprehensive. I'm not aware of any good reference books currently available. There was a book by author Kevin Konen, but it was not widely available and has been out of print for a few years.

Q: I'm so looking forewords to buying up those yellow and purple soldiers. It's a shame they don't make orange soldiers, is there any chance you could make some?
Orange soldier figures are not planned for production at this time.

Q: Any chance y'all will make some cold war sets or Russian vehicles. With the ukraine conflict was looking for updated OPFOR for my kids. They loved the Normandy set but current news has their attention. We have plenty of m60 plastic tanks but we're looking for an opponent 
Thanks for the product suggestion.

Q: I have a request, can u guys at BMC toys make a panzer 4 in the 1:32 scale please!
Thanks for the product suggestion.

Q: Can you make all the Tim Mee Toy soldier colors in stock pretty please?
Additional colors of the Tim Mee Toy soldiers will be available some time this fall:

Q: Since you offer the Louis Marx & Co. farm / crops set and the farm / hay pile
etc. sets, any chance that you might bring some of their old farmer
figures into production?
A: We don't currently have access to any farm people figure molds.

Q: Since you sell bags of the old Tim Mee Toy dinosaurs, any chance you might be able to produce the old Louis Marx & Co. cavemen / neanderthals from the Prehistoric Playset?
A: We have access to the Tim Mee Toy Cavemen, and plan on reissuing them packed with the Tim Mee Toy dinos in 2023.

Q: We have some vintage toys (1960's) and want to know if you would be interested in possibly buying them. They have an Alamo set, Gladiator sets, army men, etc. 
We don't buy or sell any vintage items. If you have a large collection there are reputable vintage dealers that can help.

Q: Please bring back your flashlight rayguns. I want to teach my grandkids how to play flashlight tag like I played in 70s.
The molds for the Tim Mee Toy flashlight raygun aren't available, so bringing it back would be a big project. Thanks for the product suggestion. 

Q: Got any new plans on new tanks in future? 
I don't have any tank announcements at this time.

Q: This morning I had the honor of presenting the Military Women’s Memorial “Living Legend Proclamation” to a 100 year old woman veteran. She was also a Rosie so I gave her the Rosie from the kickstarter kit. I wanted to share this picture with you because she LOVED it! Also gave each member of her family a pink soldier to commemorate the occasion. Thank you, sincerely, for honoring the women who work to defend our precious freedom in such a special way! - Judy Pearson, COL, USAF (Ret), Ohio Ambassador, The Military Women’s Memorial 
It's great to hear the positive impact the Plastic Army Women project continues to have. Thank you for all your support and service.

Q: Would it be possible to purchase from you a single Continental riding officer figure?
I believe you're referring to the BMC Toys George Washington mounted figure from the 1990's Battle of Yorktown playset. BMC Toys lost access to those molds after the factory owner in China passed away in the late 1990s. 

Q: I was rummaging around at a garage sale today and I found a giant yellow cowboy! He's about 7 inches tall and has the Tim Mee Toy trademark on it. Can you tell me more about it? Is this a current product or antique? Does it go to a set? ( I assume so). How much is it worth?
A: These figures were first made around 1977 and haven't been produced since 2005, possibly earlier. I don't offer valuations, but generally figures like this sell for a few dollars. You can research selling prices on eBay and Worthpoint. ​You can find a little bit more info near the bottom of this page at Kent Sprecher's Toy Solider HQ:

Q: Will you be getting any of your "out of stock" items in stock before Christmas?
Many items will be in stock before Christmas. Estimated arrival dates are posted in each product page. Some key items like the Tim Mee Toy Hercules C-130 will not be back in stock for a while due to production moving from Michigan to Pennsylvania.

Q: A few years ago you guys made a 3 inch Rosie the Riveter figure for the Chicago Toy Soldier show (I assume it was custom). I would need something like that. I would need a round base and be about 3 or 4 inches tall. I would need them in 2 months. I don't have a sculpted figure, the picture below is all I have. I am not sure on a budget, I am asking if it is possible to give me some round numbers on cost. This is the first time I am doing this so I don't know anything about it.
Custom projects generally require a 12 month lead time or more depending upon how long artwork takes. Costs start around a few thousand dollars.

Still have questions or comments? Drop us a line at

Tanks' for all your support,
Jeff at BMC Toys

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    What about a kick starter project? Get fans to donate?

    Will you be expanding your sci fi line?
    Ty again

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