BMC Toys Production Roundup: March 2024

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BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:

Some restocks arrived in February, and the next shipment should arrive later this month. This batch has restocks of the popular T-34 and Gray German Tanks. New items arriving are the US Half-Tracks, Western Ranch Accessories, Tan Hanomag Halftrack and Tan German figure variants: 


I've finalized contents for next wave that includes Alamo figures and Civil War Artillery. The Tan German Tank variants were bumped to the next shipment in order to make room for some Gray German Tank restocks. These are estimated to arrive around July:

  • BMC-67321 CTS WW2 German Panzer IV Tank Tan
  • BMC-67326 CTS WW2 German Panther Tank with Crew Tan
  • BMC-67331 CTS WW2 German Tiger Tank with Crew Tan
  • BMC-67230 CTS Alamo Figures Brown & Powder Blue 35pc
  • BMC-67233 CTS Alamo Mexican Infantry Powder Blue
  • BMC-67236 CTS Alamo Mexican Artillery Powder Blue
  • BMC-67391 CTS ACW Cannon with Accessories 3pc
  • BMC-67393 CTS American Civil War Artillery Transport Set

Here's contents of the Civil War Artillery Transport set:


BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:

The improved Jagdpanzer IV Tank Destroyers arrived in February along with some restocks:



BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:

Restocks arrived this month and the new White variant of the BMC Classic MPC ARW Soldiers should be available by late March. 

BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:

I'm just about ready to book next production or the Plastic Army Women. The Plastic Army People Bucket Set is almost out of stock. I need to revisit the contents of this set before new production as the contents were set in 2019 during the Kickstarter campaign. A better configuration might be possible now all the US molds are in one location. 

For the latest Tim Mee Toy production news visit the TimMeeUSA New Blog:


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  • When is the battle of the bulge set being restocked because I am looking forward to picking that up?

    Michael Barosi on
  • I would like to see everything you have to sell

    Ed Weeks on
  • Please make WW2 Soviet soilders I don’t like the current ones because they don’t have enough positions and weapons, so could you please make those and I will buy them

    Nicholas greenwood on
  • Nice to see some civil war cannons and US halftracks coming to BMC!

    Julian on

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