BMC Toys: Rosie the Riveter Project Update

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The new BMC Toys Rosie the Riveter figure sculpt is complete and the resin master models are scheduled to arrive in a few days. The models will be used to make the steel plastic injection tool. Here's the sculpt from several views:
BMC Toys® Rosie the Riveter Sculpt

Rosie was an unexpected spinoff of the BMC Toys Plastic Army Women project. The sculptor, James Van Schaik, suggested making the sculpt and offering some resin figures to help promote the Plastic Army Women Kickstarter. Initially, I didn't think it was a good fit, but I ran the idea by friends and family and was quickly overruled. The Rosie resin figures were popular enough that I added a plastic version as a Kickstarter stretch goal and so this fall she'll be available to everyone.

The figure will be about 1:30th scale (60mm) and stand about 65mm tall with the base and made from slightly stiff HDPE plastic. I'm still working out the details of how she'll be offered as a final product. My starting point for the product is a pack of 12 figures (a Bunch-O-Rosies) in one or 2 different color assortments. The first color assortment under consideration is red, white, blue and yellow inspired by the colors of the famous "We Can Do It!" poster:
BMC Toys® Rosie the Riveter Patriotic Pop Poster Color Mockup

The next color assortment is inspired by statues and included metallic bronze, dark metallic silver and a marble white:
BMC Toys® Rosie the Riveter Statue Color Mockup

Another possible color assortment is based on the colors the BMC Toys Plastic Army Women: olive-drab green, tan & pink:
BMC Toys® Rosie the Riveter Plastic Army Women Color Mockup

Yet another possibility is offering Rosie in a paint-able plastic model with paint and brush as an art kit. That would likely be something for 2021.

Let me know what you think of the colors and how you would like Rosie offered. As soon as I finalize the details she'll be available for pre-order in the Plastic Army Women Pre-Order Shop.

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Jeff at BMC Toys

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