BMC Toys: Spring 2019 Production Roundup

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It's been a while since I've posted a blog update, but the schedule has been so jam packed with production and stuff in progress I've barely had time to come up for air. Hold on to your  helmets...

Let's start with the main BMC Toys product line, the 'American Hero Collector Series' that includes the D-Day and Iwo Jima Playsets. The fall shipment arrived over a month late due to port congestion, but the products were as popular as ever, and several popular items have, or will soon run out of stock. New restock production is in progress and scheduled to arrive late July. That will hopefully keep everything available through the end of 2019. The order is a big-un, but I was able to squeeze in a limited production of the BMC King Tiger tank in tan color. This color was discontinued a few years ago, but enough folks requested it I'm bringing it back on a trial basis. The new tan tanks will be be same as the gray version, and include the optional sticker sheet in the package.
BMC Toys Tan German King Tiger Tank

The USA made BMC Toys 'Classic Army Men Collector Series' product line of recasts from vintage molds is growing fast. Late 2018 saw the introduction of recast from 'Louis Marx & Co.' WW2 Russians, WW2 Japanese and the WW2 Axis Ambush accessory set that includes the classic Barbed Wire, Pillboxes, and Damaged Building pieces from the legendary 'Battleground' Playsets. We also introduced recasts of the Payton Anti-Aircraft tanks and restocked the Olive Green Lido GI recasts. The factory is currently well into production of seven new bagged figure sets that include recasts from 'Louis Marx & Company' Marines, Paratroopers, and Rubber Raft with Oarsmen. These 7 sets include 5 different colors (OD Green, Tan, Red, Blue, and Gray). Just for good measure we added a second color for the WW2 Russians (Bright Red).

BMC Toys Classic Marx US Soldiers

I should be working on the product photography for these within the next week, and they should all be available by late April - but that's not all...

...I'm already starting development on the next batch of 'Classic Army Men Collector Series' products with estimated delivery around late June. Nothing here is finalized yet, but the molds are scheduled for testing as soon as molding is completed on the current production. After testing I can start to finalize the items, contents, and colors:

  • BMC Classic L. Marx Co. US Soldiers Marching OD Green
  • BMC Classic L. Marx Co. Landing Craft 4pc OD & Tan
  • BMC Classic L. Marx Co. Landing Craft 4pc Gray
  • BMC Classic MPC WWII German Infantry 28pc Charcoal Gray
  • BMC Classic MPC ARW Soldiers 45mm Red & Blue
  • BMC Classic L. Marx Co. Cavalry Horses Asst. Colors
  • BMC Classic L. Marx Co. WW2 Japanese Soldiers 32pc Light Green

But WAIT, there's STILL more.... I'm also working on possible new items for the next production for the 'American Hero Collector Series' that will either be a late 2019 or early 2020 arrival:

  • BMC US Presidents Series #1 Figures
  • BMC WW2 Iwo Jima Marines Figures 36pc Tan
  • BMC WW2 D-Day Tank Battle Shoebox Playset
  • BMC WW2 German Bunker Shoebox Playset
  • BMC 10th Regiment Buffalo Soldiers Navy Blue
  • BMC 71st New York Infantry Regiment Soldiers Powder Blue
  • BMC San Juan Hill Hacienda Building Accessory
  • BMC San Juan Hill Playset
  • BMC Civil War Accessory Pack

BMC Toys Development Spring 2019

Again, none of these items are definite, and some won't make it into the next production run. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be ordering some test shots, gathering quotes, and working out some packaging details. I've learned the hard way that these things always take longer than expected, and the best time to start is yesterday.

I also have some longer term projects I'd like to develop and crowdfund that involve new sculpts and molds. Here's some I've already talked about and will have some small updates soon:

There's even more in the early planning stages, but that's enough for now, (I need to get back to work on the new recruits). Let me know what you think, I always like to hear everyone's opinions and suggestions.

Tanks' for your support,

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  • Lovely the ideas I love army!!!!!!!!!!:)😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Jojo on
  • I love the idea of “Green Army Women”! I have been in the Army for over forty years, my daughter and granddaughter are also currently serving in the Army. I remember playing with Green Army Men with my brother when I was a child, my children played with them as well, this is a great way to acknowledge women’s role and contribution to our nation’s security. #ArmyStrongWomen

    Tamara Oster on
  • I’d hope both D Day sets become real! I’d love if the tank battle set included a Panzer IV!

    Dylan Wittmer on
  • Great news! Look forward to the Hacienda and Marx recasts. I don’t know if the M-60 Tank is an old mold or new project but if new I would go with 1/32 scale as BMC did with their WW2 tanks. Instead of an M-60, a classic M-48A3 model that would complement the classic Tim-Mee 1/32 scale M-16 “Vietnam” guys.

    Tom Black on
  • Definitely great news! So glad you are carrying on and even lifting the torch higher. Best wishes and full support in your endeavors.

    W Wood on

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