BMC Toys: Plastic Army Women Project

Posted by Jeff Imel on

I was recently asked a question that comes up every so often, "Do you stock any female toy soldiers?" Marx and Tim Mee offered Army Nurse figures decades ago, but I'm not aware of anything currently available, so I let the customer know we don't have anything like that in stock. Usually, that's the end of it, but this time the customer (a retired Navy Sailor) made a compelling case for why Plastic Army Women might be popular. I promised to conduct some research, and discovered there might be enough folks looking for Little Green Army Women to consider producing some.

Our initial concept for BMC Toys Plastic Army Women figure set is based more in the toy realm than historically accurate hobby figures. We would choose a few classic Plastic Army Men poses and have new sculpts made that reflect the style of the most popular plastic soldiers, but in female form. The figures would be 1:32 scale and olive drab color, so the figures would fit in with a wide variety of the plastic figures that are already in several generations of toy boxes. Here are some concept sketches by artist Tina Imel:
BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Toy Soldier Concept Art

The sketches are a first impression of what we think customers would like, based upon a few requests, some quick research, and a bit of gut instinct. We could be wrong, so here's where you come in: Subscribe to the BMC Toys Plastic Army Woman Project newsletter to let us know you are interested in a set of female plastic soldiers. There is also a comments section in the email subscription form, so you can tell us exactly what you would like this product to be. Let us know if we're on the right track, or if we're way off our plastic bases. If there are enough confirmed subscribers, we'll continue to develop the project, and possibly run a crowdfunding campaign to get these soldiers deployed sooner rather than later. Tanks' for your help:

June 28, 2018 Update: The initial response to this project and the concept sketches is very positive. The most common request has been for regulation hairstyles, so I'm going to commission some head study drawings to work on this issue.

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  • As a retired Army medic and now a social worker working to get the same access to services and care for women veterans, I am very pleased with your endeavor and encourage your continue work to see it into fruition.

    Marilyn Kelly-Cavotta on
  • OK – I want to subscribe to the newsletter but cannot see how to? Admirable idea.

    Mike Blake on
  • Oh i support this and have been wanting this for a LONG time!

    Sharon on
  • I’d like to see this also. At the risk of getting hate mail, perhaps some sort of nurse as well? Not so much for gender stereotypes but because there really isnt any medic figure in the Tim Mee lineup. (No barbie type nurse, I’m thinking scrubs or BDU. With an IV, aid bag, etc).

    Robert Long on
  • Great idea – long overdue & glad.simeone is finally doing this! I served 31 years in the Army.

    Elizabeth Benn on

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