BMC Toys: WW2 Bunker Building Project Update

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We've made some good progress on the BMC Toys 1:32 scale WW2 German Bunker Building. The digital model is almost complete and should be ready for 3D printing a prototype soon. Here's the latest digital mockup of the project:
BMC Toys WW2 German Bunker Building I've made some changes and additions based upon customer feedback of the original concept art. The center of each roof half now has a removable insert. These will be a light friction fit and can be removed so troops have access to the roof with ladders. There will be 2 ladders that can be used from inside the building through the center opening, or any exterior roof edge. The building will also include 4 signs that can be configured in a variety of different ways. The signs will be friction fit and reversible. I'll design a sticker sheet with both German and English signs for Headquarters, Hospital, and Armory. This will allow for use as a German defensive position, or as a base captured by the Allies just by flipping the signs around. Here's the 3D digital model of all the parts:
BMC Toys WW2 German Bunker Roof Parts
While researching German Bunkers of WW2, I was pleased to find some buildings that strongly resemble this project. They were part of the Maisy Battery constructed by the Wehrmacht near the French village of Grandcamp-Maisy in Normandy. Here's a photo from the blog:
Maisy Battery Bunker Building from Blog
This photo is from
Grandcamp Maisy Battery Bunker Building photo from
The Maisy Battery was buried and mostly forgotten until just a few years ago. It's been excavated, and is now open to tourists.
I'm hoping this new building can be part of the fall shipment, but it will depend upon how long it takes to have the mold made. Let me know what you think.
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