BMC Toys: The Russians are Coming, better Deploy those AA Tanks.

Posted by Jeff Imel on

There's a lot of news, but I have to keep this post short and to the point. The latest BMC production order has shipped and is scheduled to arrive early November. It includes restocks of many popular items, the new upgraded Iwo Jima boxed set, and the Rough Riders vs. Spain bagged set. The production samples look great, and I'll be posting more about those soon.

This post is about some upcoming additions to the BMC Toys 'Classic Army Men Collection'. Production is scheduled to start very soon for new USA Made recasts of the Marx WW2 Russian Soldiers and Payton Anti Aircraft Tanks. The Russians will be molded in soft LDPE in a dark rust-brown color and each pack will include 36 figures. The Payton Anti Aircraft Tanks will be molded in HDPE and include 2 Olive Green and 2 Tan Tanks, and optional sticker sheet.

For these new (old) additions, I'm switching the packaging from header cards to insert cards. There's a few different reasons for this, most of them are practical and have to do with warehousing and shipping. I'm also finding them easier to design and think these first 2 measure 5"x7" and are really eye catching, almost like miniature posters. I might even include some cross promotion in Black & White on the backs: 
BMC Toys Classic Army Men Marx Russian and Payton AA Tanks Insert Cards

There's a good chance these will also be available by early November. The manufacturer is local, so I've been able to see, and photograph the open molds in person (and yes, they are spectacular). I'll be posting those photos soon, along with some photos from the Chicago Toy Soldier Show, and an update and photos of the BMC Bunker Building Prototype. Please be patient, I'm working against some hard deadlines with the holiday shopping season nearly here.

'Tanks for your support,

Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • Very excited for this! I can not wait to buy some of these.

    Andrew S. on
  • I am really looking forward to these Payton tanks and Marx Russians. Your “Classic Army Men Collection” is a great contribution to the hobby. Please keep these wonderful reissues coming!

    Daniel Murphy on
  • Those are some nice additions. Good idea with those insert cards and the cross promotion. I will have to get the new upgraded Iwo Jima boxed set.


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