BMC Toys: Plastic Army Women Project: Update #8

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Here's the latest news on the Plastic Army Women project. All the figures have been sculpted and we're going through the final stages of refinement so master models can be made. The master models will then be used to make the plastic injection mold. I know everyone is anxious to see the rest of the finished sculpts and I'm hoping to have them here to photograph soon. Here's a look at the in-progress Nurse, Military Working Dog and Handler:
BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Sculpts Nurse Military Working Dog MWD Handler

A lot of folks have been asking how they can get the Military Working Dog and Handler when they're finally available. Thanks to Kickstarter supporters those  figures will be included in every pack of Plastic Army Women when they are finally released in the fall of 2020, so you don't need to do anything special to receive all the figures when you order a set. Here's the list of figures that will be included: Pathfinder Captain, Standing Rifleman, Kneeling Rifleman, Prone Sniper, Grenadier, Bazooka Operator, Running Riflemen, Combat Medic, Low Crawling,  Radio Operator, Wounded Soldier, Light Machine Gunner, Nurse, Corpsman, Military Working Dog, MWD Handler, and stretcher accessory.  I've opened up the Pre-Order shop so folks can reserve their sets of Plastic Army Women now. You won't be charged until your order is ready to ship:
BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Pre-Order Shop


People have also been asking about the Rosie the Riveter figure. The sculpt was originally made to help promote the Plastic Army Women Kickstarter campaign and later became a campaign stretch goal for production as a toy. I'm still considering how the plastic Rosie figures will be offered as a final product, but a pack of 12 figures in a 3 or 4 color assortment. Red, White, Blue & Yellow and/or Bronze, Pewter and Marble White are some possibilities. After I have the sculpt here to photograph and review in person I'll digitally mock-up some of the color ideas to get some feedback. I plan to offer Rosie Pre-Orders within the next few weeks, and as of now she is planned for release in Fall 2020. Rosie will be a little larger scale than the Plastic Army Women, about 1:30th scale, and stand on a 'We Can Do It!' pedestal:
BMC Toys® Rosie the Riveter Figure Sculpt

I'd like to mention that Rosalind P. Walter passed away this week at the age of 95. Rosalind was the inspiration for the 'Rosie the Riveter' song that inspired the iconic posters of WW2. At the age of 19 she was a night-shift welder at an aircraft factory and went on to be a huge supporter of PBS:

A few of the resin figures were deployed to California in January for production of a TV show. I'm sworn to secrecy about the show, but am told it should air some time within the next couple of months. Media stories slowed down after Christmas, (which gave me a chance to catch up on some projects), but picked up again after the Pre-Order shop opened:

February 23, 2020:
Canadian Military Family Magazine by Mishall Rehman: Green Army Women Aiming to be Available this Fall

March 5, 2020:
Stars and Stripes by Chad Garland: New plastic Army women include dog handler... Connecting Vets by  Abbie Bennett: Plastic Army women now available for pre-order, plus new 'Rosie...

March 6, 2020:
CNN by David Williams: Green plastic Army women are almost ready for duty...

 The Toy Insider by Miranda Siwak: Green Army Men Are Getting a Strong, Female Touch 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Kelcie Willis: BMC Toys makes plastic green Army women...

March 7, 2020:
Military Times by J.D. Simkins: Green plastic Army women set features working dog...

March on!

Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • I was wondering if after you get done with this project, if you could make a Churchill tank

    Mr.wwi on
  • I am so looking forward to these! And my son actually wants them more! He actually wants some female figures as ‘Amazons’ or ‘Partisans’, as he also reads my old comics including Sgt. Rock! He actually wants a Mlle Marie of all things. LOL I will be buying more than one.

    Edward Blackwell on
  • Love the new and reissue products . In the future any thoughts n Filipino scouts? Marine raiders WW2.?

    Garry Walls on
  • I would like to order a couple sets of the dog handler and nurse. Will these be sold separately? I like the ones that have the base on them, will those be available?
    Thank you

    Joshua on
  • You have to be congratulated on what I would say is one of the great projects any company has ever done in our great country. I know it all started with that wonderful young lady and you listened and out it together and we are proud of you and your company team. God bless you all and of course God bless all of our Military.


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