BMC Toys: The German Bunker of San Juan Hill

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Work continues on restoring the recently located BMC San Juan Hill molds, but in the meantime, I'm considering offering the Inner Hacienda walls as a separate accessory this fall. The walls have been used by custom playset builders for a wide range of places and eras:
BMC Toys San Juan Hill Hacienda Walls

This got me thinking about how the walls might look with different roofs, and if a new roof mold might be feasible. The simplest design is a flat roof that transforms the hacienda to a bunker or commercial building. This flat roof is made of 2 identical pieces:
BMC Toys Bunker Building Flat Roof Concept

Each half could be removed independently for interior access or to simulate damage:
BMC Toys Bunker Building with Roof Open
With the flat roof, units could even be stacked to make a multi-story building (just watch out for that first step, it's a doozy):

BMC Toys 2 Story Bunker Building Concept

This is just a first concept, but I did get an initial quote on the cost to have the flat roof mold made, and it's looking like a real possibility. Who knows, if this works out maybe other roofs could be done. A wood shingled hip roof would make this into a great rustic building or a thatched roof would make it into a nice cottage. I think the flat roof would make a great accessory for the BMC Toys D-Day Playsets. Let me know what you think.

Tanks' for your help,

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  • Love the 2 story idea looks great! Plus the guns on top makes for a really nice piece! Adding the sandbags and fencing along with a few troops and it’s a very nice set— can’t wait to add it to our collection!

    Sam on
  • Yes, by all means, explore the practical possibilities of providing this building in multiple styles.

    If it would make the idea all the more affordable for BMC, casting the model walls in all white would at least allow those interested to paint the building in any color they wish, or glue on printed textures for a wider variety of textures.

    Such textures can be homemade, or I can make them up for interested folk if they wish to E-mail me.

    The (Virtual) Armchair General

    Patrick Wilson on
  • I don’t have a production cost yet, but I think the price will be pretty reasonable.

    Jeff on
  • This bunker idea seems really cool I like that fact you can put multiple layers and how you can open the top to look inside the only problem I would say is the cost of the product but other then that it’s really good

    Alexx on
  • This looks great!! I was thinking too, casting it in tan with a flat wooden roof in plastic would make a great adobe type building for different era’s. Could even offer adobe brick stickers to show wear and erosion.

    David wiebers on

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