BMC Toys Production: A Sticky Situation

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Here's a first look production stickers for the new batch of BMC Toys. I put a lot of research into the new sticker art to make them as historically accurate as possible, but there is some artistic license here and there as needed. Amtrac:
BMC Toys Amtrac Production Stickers
German King Tiger Tank:
BMC Toys King Tiger Tank Production Stickers

Sherman Tank:
BMC Toys Sherman Tank Production Stickers

Higgins Boat Landing Craft:
BMC Toys Higgins Boat Production Stickers

German Pillbox Bunker:
BMC Toys German Pillbox Bunker Production Stickers

Iwo Jima Island and Bunkers:
BMC Toys Iwo Jima Production Stickers

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  • Jeff, nice decals for the vehicles and playsets, great way to add some extra value to them!

    Gerardo Vazquez on

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