BMC Toys Production Roundup: April 2024

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BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:

Some restocks arrived in March, and the next shipment is estimated to arrive around July. Here's the next wave of new items:

  • BMC-67415 CTS FIW Last of the Mohicans Figure Set
  • BMC-67260 CTS Waterloo British Infantry Red 29pc
  • BMC-67261 CTS Waterloo French Infantry Blue 29pc
  • BMC-67230 CTS Alamo Figures Brown & Powder Blue 35pc
  • BMC-67236 CTS Alamo Mexican Artillery Powder Blue
  • BMC-67233 CTS Alamo Mexican Infantry Powder Blue 29pc
  • BMC-67391 CTS ACW Cannon with Accessories 3pc
  • BMC-67393 CTS ACW Artillery Transport Set
  • BMC-67395 CTS ACW Ambulance & Supply Wagons Gray
  • BMC-67420 CTS Covered Wagon Set Brown
  • BMC-67369 CTS Western Longhorn Steer Cattle 12pc
  • BMC-67399 CTS WW1 Ambulance & Supply Wagons OD Green
  • BMC-67326 CTS WW2 German Panther Tank with Crew Tan
  • BMC-67321 CTS WW2 German Panzer IV Tank Tan
  • BMC-67331 CTS WW2 German Tiger Tank with Crew Tan

New header card art:

World War 1 Horse Wagons

I'm still working on finalizing the contents for the new CTS Playsets planned for later this year. Here's link to previous blog post:

  • BMC-67385 CTS Civil War Pickets Charge Shoebox Playset
  • BMC-67386 CTS Civil War Battle of Atlanta Shoebox Playset
  • BMC-67387 CTS Civil War Battle of Bull Run Shoebox Playset
  • BMC-67375 CTS WW2 Battle of the Bulge Box Playset
  • BMC-67377 CTS  WW2 Battle of Saipan Shoebox Playset

The contents I showed in the Mid-March update were well received and I think there will only be minor changes. I am leaning towards including the CTS Louis Marx & Co. reproduction Flags instead of the BMC flags. Thanks for all the great feedback.

BMC Toys - American Hero Collection:

A new item for late 2024 is a Gettysburg bagged figure set. It's the same contents as the Appomatox set, but in the more popular Powder-Blue and Charcoal-Gray colors.

  • BMC-67225 Civil War Gettysburg Figures 26pc  

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:

Restocks will arrive Mid-April with a new color variant of the MPC ARW figures:

BMC Toys - Plastic Army Women Collection:

A new production run of the Plastic Army Women is planned for this summer. It will include restocks and possibly a new color variant.

For the latest Tim Mee Toy production news visit the TimMeeUSA New Blog:

Thanks for your support,
Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • Pretty hyped for more ACW and Waterloo stuff. I hear the French molds are based on Mexican 1830s infantry. Will they just be plain recolors or have some accurate uniform details added?

    Logan on
  • If you plan on adding napoleonic era soldiers you should add scottish infantry like the 42nd highlanders.

    Julian on
  • Awesome to see another update!

    I’m hyped about the Waterloo set, love to see some Napoleon era stuff added. Would be cool to see other nations added. Will the Waterloo sets come with a figure of Napoleon and Wellington themselves?

    Hope BMC continues to go strong for years to come, I love seeing the new stuff being added

    Liam on

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