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The latest production order of the BMC Toys American Hero product line has just arrived and will be ready for orders this week (March 28th). The order includes restocks of all the popular boxed playsets and just a couple of new color variants:
BMC Toys Tan Iwo Jima Marines and Bunker Walls

I'm about to book the next American Hero production order that will include restocks for the holiday season and some new items. One of the new items I'm most excited about is the WW2 German Bunker Shoebox Playset I've been working on for a couple of years. New molds have been made that produce a flat roof half, roof insert, ladder, signs, bunker door and frame, and base for the Flak Gun. The set will include some existing figures and accessories to make a complete playset. Here's a first look at the initial test shots:
BMC Toys German Bunker Test Shots

I'll post more photos when I get samples in the correct gray color some time next month. You can see more details about this project in  this previous blog post:
BMC Toys: WW2 German Secret Stronghold Prototype

The next big project planned for arrival this fall is a reissue of the BMC Toys Charge up San Juan Hill Boxed Playset. These molds had been lost in storage and needed a lot of repair and restoration, but are now ready for new production. The contents of the set will be very close to the original 1999 version with some minor color updates and some extra pieces including flags and rocks. The hacienda blockhouse is getting some color updates including a darker brown for the floor and railings and cupola colors that match the walls and roof. I'm close to finalizing the contents so I can start the box photography and design work soon. I considered including a Bombed Farm House in matching colors to the set, but have decided it's better as a separate accessory:
BMC Toys San Juan Hill Buildings Mockup

This next productions is also likely to include:

  • WW2 Iwo Jima Japanese Soldiers Tan
  • WW2 Jaghtpanzer IV Tank Destroyer Gray
  • WW2 Sherman Tank OD Green

BMC Toys Iwo Jima Japanese Soldiers and Tanks

Some items that might be added to this next or future production include:

  • Civil War Battle of Petersburg Bagged Set
  • Amtrack OD Green
  • WW2 Sticker 12 Sheet Set

BMC Toys Battle of Petersburg Olive Drab Amtrack WW2 Sticker Set

I'm also thinking about a color update to the Alamo bagged set with figures molded in soft plastic. Here's two possible color assortments I've come up with:
BMC Toys Alamo Figure Color Mockups

The American Revolution Battle of Yorktown bagged set could also get a soft plastic update at some point. I think the colors could be adjusted a bit, or even a new color assortment with powder blue Colonials and deep red British as a Battle of Brandywine:
BMC Toys Battle of Brandywine Digital Mockup

I'll have to decide what new items make the next production run very soon, so let me know what you think.

Have a safe and thoughtful Memorial Day,

Jeff at BMC Toys

BMC Toys Memorial Day Salutation

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  • Can you make a bunker that has one big slot and it is at the battle of D-DAY

    Andrew on
  • I think you should remake the boley m60 Patton tank because everyone wants it so bad and you don’t need email subscribers just make an announcement we will all be so happy and everyone wants everyone to be happy

    Andrew murlin on
  • I really want BMC toys to make british and russian and ja[anese tanks so its balanced because the US and german solders have the most tanks and stuff and it would be nice if bmc balanced it out.i also pretend that tan germans is the afrika corps meaning that i dont think you should make a whole differnt sculp for the german afrika corps if you make them because you can just make it tan.also i think you should make more army MEN that have more and coller scups than army women cus army women have the BEST sculps.If your wondering what to make if u wanna make more arimes make italian army molded in black and tan british army molded in tan and brown and french army molded in blue and chinese army molded in green and red.and make tanks like the churchill ank for the british.also it would be cool if you also focused on other battles like stalingrad and battle for britin.sincerely-BRENT J

    Brent Jauregui on
  • Great stuff looking forward to it! I love the dark red you picket for the red coats. In regards to the revolutionary war figures: I was wondering if you would consider releasing separate firing line sets (line of standing firing and a line of kneeling firing. Barzso did it a few years ago and it was a big hit. Also a set of tri tip hats would be a great for the red coats. Just a few suggestions! Thanks!

    Kevin on
  • Dear owner of BMC toys I love all of the new updates I always buy your products my little sister said I’m crazy that I’m buying good army men instead of cheap china army men’s I recommend you making german Africa korp if that fine with you I would love to have some German half tracks in my stop motion movies I make. And if you can make some French legionnaires and maybe some French infantry pls send me back a comment

    Michael on

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