Mail Call - June 2022 Q&A

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We get lots of questions every month, so I thought a compilation of questions and answers might be good way to share some information and updates:

Q: Hi, I'm sure you guys get tons of emails about this, but what happened to the Boley M60 tank and will it ever come back? I saw you made a newsletter for it, but I saw it's pretty old now.
A: The original molds for the Boley M60 tank are not available. Making a new M60 tank toy is still a project I'd like to do, but can't provide a timeline yet. Folks can continue to sign up for the email list to let me know how much interest there is in the project:

Q: We live close by, would we be able to come and buy from you?
A: All our products ship from Akron, Ohio. We don't have a retail location or the ability to accommodate local pickup.

Q: Are the 100 piece Tim Mee Toy army men in stock?
A: The 100 piece Tim Mee Toy army men in Tan and OD Green are expected to arrive around August, 2022.

Q: Do you all actually make your BMC Toys and your Tim Mee Toy product lines, or are you all just retailers of them?
A: All the Tim Mee Toy and BMC Toys items we offer are manufactured for us by factories we closely work with. We are also the retailer and wholesale distributor of the product lines.

Q: Where is your main factory located?
A: We currently work with one factory in Old Forge, Pennsylvania USA, and another in Dong Guan, China. 

Q: I read your blog where you were gauging interest in new products, particularly the old Louis Marx & Co. Airport set. I would definitely be interested in that set, even it was just the radar tower piece.  
A: Unfortunately this mold needs a lot of repairs that require custom made parts, so it's not scheduled for production in the near future.

Q: Do you have a store in Southern California, Los Angeles County?
A: We're not aware of any retail stores in that area that stock our products, but any independent hobby shop can order our products from one of the major hobby distributors, or from us directly.

Q: Just a thought here. If the Tim Mee Toy 2.5 Ton Cargo Truck was made in white it would make a great Ambulance truck with a red cross flag on it. Also it would make a great USA set of 3. Red, white and blue trucks. Only truck missing is this truck in white. again a thought. Sincerely toy soldier toy collector since 1988.
A: There's no plans at this time for a white truck, but thanks for the suggestion.

Q: Do you plan to make any more regular blog posts regarding company news and things like that? I really enjoyed those.
A: I would like to start posting again. The schedule has been overbooked for the past couple of years.

Q: Do you plan to acquire the old MPC WW2 US, Russian, and Japanese molds to complement the WW2 Germans you brought back? Any plans on the horizon for the old MPC cowboys, Indians and cavalry molds? (Not the ring hand figures.) 
A: We do not know the current whereabouts or owner of those molds.

Q: I heard a rumor you guys were going to put back into production the MPC AWI set of troops, (not ring hand). It would maybe be a good idea to put those guys in a poly bag along with recast MPC AWI snap together forts the figures originally came with.
A: We do plan to reissue the MPC AWI figures and possibly the fort. We're currently waiting for some horse molds to be tested to see if anything is a good match for the rider figures. The US factory has been behind schedule so there is currently no timeline for when they might be available.

Q: Do you ship to Canada or Germany?
A: Yes, we ship to those and many other countries. You can see shipping rates during checkout before entering payment info. International Shipping Notes:

  • Due to COVID-19 please allow extra time for your order to arrive.
  • Recipient will be responsible for any VAT, tariffs, taxes, and/or duties.
  • International shipping charges are non-refundable.

Q: Are the Tim Mee Toy Frontiersmen available?
A: This set has been discontinued, but could come back if there is enough interest. You can add your email address to the out of stock notification on the product page to let us know you support a new production run:

Q: Would you make a set of one Tim Mee Toy olive green and one gray WW2 combat Jeep with cannon?
A: We plan on replacing the Blue vs. Gray Tim Mee Toy sets with separate Blue and Gray sets when the current stock runs out. 

Q: Do you carry any  British 1/32 WWII tanks or  the American Lee, Grant or Stuart tanks?
A:  We don't have any of those. Thanks for the product suggestions.

Q: Do you have a Sherman tank that is 027 scale? It would be 1/32 scale (about 2/12” wide? Or better yet M-19 anti aircraft tank Korean War period in above scale?
A: Our Sherman tank is 1:32 scale, but is 3.5 inches wide. A Sherman tank that is 2.5 inches wide would be closer to 1:48 scale. I don't have any referrals to offer.

Q: Any surprises from Tim Mee Toy coming in the near future..:)...?
A: Yes, some new color variants for the Tim Mee Toy M16 soldiers (yellow, purple, medium green, and OD green) are coming late summer. N
othing else we can report just yet.

Q: How long does shipping within the US normally take?
A: Usually US orders ship from Akron, Ohio within one business day by FedEx Home, USPS First Class, or USPS Priority Mail service.  The delivery time varies a lot, so please allow a few days after shipping.

Q: Greetings! I would love some glow-in-the-dark Galaxy Laser Team figures. Thanks!
A: That would be very cool, but so far we haven't been able to find an affordable glow-in-dark colorant at the needed quantity for a small production run.

Q: Will the MPC DUKW ever come out? Back in spring 2020 you said that it would be coming out that year on the BMC Toys blog. It's been two years and it still hasn't come out. Is it still coming or have the plans for that release been canceled?
A: The DUKW molds needed a lot more repairs and restoration than initially was indicated. It's an ongoing process, and at this time there's no estimate when the molds will be suitable for new production.

Still have questions or comments? Drop us a line at

Tanks' for all your support,
Jeff at BMC Toys

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