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We get lots of questions every month, here's some Q&A from July 2023:

Q: Are there any plans in the works to resurrect the Battle of the Little Big Horn Teepees?
A: There's no plans yet, but it is a project I'd like to do.

Q: I've been looking to purchase some Tim Mee Toy products, but the ones in question are the color blue; I noticed that the only army men in this color are packaged with black-colored soldiers or with a tan helicopter. Is it possible that when production resumes, that 48-piece Blue Army Men packs can be sold separately?
A: Blue only and Black only packs will be introduced once the current supply of Black vs. Blue are exhausted, which probably won't happen until later 2023.

Q: Can you restock on the Timmee Toys People 24 Piece Play Set?
A: The Tim Mee Toy People at Play is not currently scheduled for production, but I would like to bring it back in the future.

Q: My 7 year son is a big fan of military toys. I was wondering if you offered any tours for kids on how they are made.  
A: The local factory we work with doesn't offer public tours. Here's some links to army men production:

Q: Hi Tim Mee would you ever make brown or light Olive green coloured army men?
A: We're retiring the Olive Green and replacing with OD Green moving forward. The OD Green soldiers should be in stock around later August 2022. We had a pack with light blue and brown that is out of stock and discontinued. Brown isn't scheduled for new production at this time.

Q: Do they still make the dinosaurs?
A: We have some Tim Mee Toy dinosaurs in stock:

Q: Will the light green and blue Tim Mee Toy Galaxy Laser Team ever be manufactured again? 
A: Yes, but I don't have an estimated date of arrival yet. It might not be until next year (2023).

Q: I have a idea for you guys that you can use! You should make a play set like D-Day, but it‘s taking place in North Africa during World War Two. You guys can make it based off a famous battle during the North Africa campaign. This would be a great chance to introduction Italian soldiers to your collection. If you guys don‘t want to make new molds for Italian Soldiers you could use your German soldiers, but in a khaki or tan color. It would also be great if you guys added British soldiers to the play set idea.
A: Thanks for the product suggestion.  

Q: I was wondering if you could make a F-15 Eagle and F-14 Tomcat in OD Green Plastic for the Green Army Men? 
A: Thanks for the product suggestion.  

Q: I was hoping you could tell me which Canadian retailers carry your products? In Western Canada preferably. 
We don't have any retailers in Canada at this time.

Q: How many soldiers can you fit in the Tim Mee Toy Rescue 'Copter?
About 10 of the included soldiers fit in this helicopter.

Q: When will the Tim Mee Toy Soldier army packs be back in stock?
The Tim Mee Toy soldiers should be back in stock by late August 2022.

Q: Do you ship and deliver products out of USA? I'm from Brazil and I'm interested on buying some stuff
Yes, you can see FedEx shipping rates to Brazil during checkout before entering payment info. Please note: Due to COVID-19 please allow extra time for your order to arrive. Recipient will be responsible for any VAT, tariffs, taxes, and/or duties. International shipping charges are non-refundable. 

Q: Do you purchase die cast cars?
A: ​
We do not purchase die cast cards or any vintage items.

Q: Any chance of your reissuing the 70mm Tim Mee Toys knights and Merrie Men?
It's possible, but it will be a while before the mold can be tested to see if it's OK for production.

Q: I’m not trying rush you, but the Patton Super Tank idea with it being so rare you could sell them for $10-15 a piece, even in sets. But hey this is just an opinion it’s your job your company you can do whatever you want
It's a project I'd like to do, but it's a manpower issue. I'm a very small business and can't set a timeline or promote the project until I get some time to work on development. I can't make any promises right now as to when, or if, it will happen.

Q: Can you please tell me when you will have the Cowboys and Indians set again
I don't currently have an estimated date for the next batch of the Tim Mee Toy Cowboys and Indians to arrive. Production has moved to a PA factory and they are working to get the product line up and running. I hope to have this item in stock in time for the holidays.

Q: How can you do the Tim Mee Toy WW2 Fighter Plane set without the Zero?
This is a decades old vintage mold, so we'd have to ask the folks at Tim Mee Toy back then why there's no Zero.

Q: I was wondering if I can buy this set outside of Amazon, since they want to restrict it from being mailed to my address.
Sometimes Amazon incorrectly flags our products as toy guns and restricts where they can ship. There is very little we can do to correct this.

Q: I’m just wondering if you were going to get a restock of more Tim Mee Toy army men like the green & tan.
Tim Mee Toy Plastic Army Men - OD Green vs Tan 48pc Toy Soldier Figures will be back in stock before the end of August.

Q: Can you make the red vs gray soldiers in stock on Amazon and Walmart please?
The Tim Mee Toy Gray vs. Red pack of soldiers is discontinued. Separate packs of 48pc Gray and 48pc Red will be available some time this fall.

Q: Is there a firm date on the new re-issues of the M48 Patton tanks?
There are no firm dates on anything these days, but some time before late September 2023 is looking promising.

Q: I was wondering from where you were able to track down the old MPC, Lido, Payton, and Marx molds you now utilize? Are there any other molds to be reused and put back in service on the near horizon?
A: In most cases the previous mold owners contacted me. Right now we're focused on getting the main Tim Mee Toy army men products into production after moving manufacturing from Michigan to Pennsylvania. I can't announce anything new until the factory catches up.

Q: I have a Marx Ranch Model Doll House from 1953. Do you reproduce any of the original Marx plastic furniture?
A: We don't have any of the Ranch House furniture. You can see what we have here:

Q: I was wondering about when you guys do restock on some of your army men toys. Specifically the Tim Mee Toy Red vs Blue vs White bag. I was unaware you guys had that one until after 4th of July of this year and was wondering if it was a special you guys do every year. Also I was also looking at the Purple Tim Mee Toy army men, but saw you guys were out of stock in those as well, as well at some Olive Green M48 tanks.
Production had to move from Michigan to Pennsylvania and it will take time to get everything back into stock. The Tim Mee Toy M16 soldiers and other items will start coming back into stock later this month.  I can't provide estimates for particular items at this time, but most color variants of the M16 soldiers will be produced first, and M48 Patton tanks are scheduled to start production any day now. The Olive Green color is being retired and replaced with our OD Green.

Q: I would like to know if I were able to obtain your Green Helicopter (TM-07590) without the open hatch...I remember my mother buying me a helicopter similar to the one on your website from the local Woolworth department store when I was a child, I would love to have that helicopter again without the open hatch. Is my request feasible?
This mold was altered at some point in the past to add the opening on the side. It's not feasible to produce the original closed version.

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Tanks' for all your support,
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