BMC Toys Playset Planning: Spring 2024

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I'm working on some Civil War and WW2 playsets for the popular Classic Toy Soldier product line. We're trying to get at least some of these produced in time for the 2024 holidays, so I need to finalize contents ASAP. Please post your comments to let me know what you like and what could be better. I don't have projected prices at this stage and will aim to provide the best possible value for each set.

BMC Toys - Classic Toy Soldiers Collection:

These are the CTS boxed playsets I'm working on:

  • BMC-67385 CTS Civil War Pickets Charge Shoebox Playset
  • BMC-67386 CTS Civil War Battle of Atlanta Shoebox Playset
  • BMC-67387 CTS Civil War Battle of Bull Run Shoebox Playset
  • BMC-67377 CTS  WW2 Battle of Saipan Shoebox Playset
  • BMC-67375 CTS WW2 Battle of the Bulge Big Box Playset

A couple of notes on the playset flags:

  • Merchandise that includes the Confederate Battle Flag is widely banned. I tried substituting the First National Banner flag in the BMC Toys ACW Battlefield accessory set as a less controversial yet historically accurate option, but it seems any flag relating to the confederacy gets caught up in the ban. The only solution I've come up with is including a white flag of surrender, which is both historically, and symbolically accurate.
  • These projects are currently shown with the BMC American Hero flag and rock. The factory also has the CTS reproduction of the Louis Marx & Co. flag pole and square base. Lithographed tin was used for the flags originally, but this was discontinued in the 1970's due to safety concerns of sharp edges. Folded over paper or sticker flags have been used since then. I'll need to decide which option is best for this product line.

American Civil War - Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

This configuration would be about 100 pieces:


American Civil War - Battle of Atlanta

This configuration would be about 70 pieces:


American Civil War - Battles of Bull Run

This configuration could be set up as 1st Battle of Bull Run with the round top wagons, or 2nd Battle of Bull Run with the square top ambulance wagons. The difficulties of transporting the wounded at the 1st Battle of Bull Run led to the design of the iconic Square Top Ambulance Wagon as part of major overhaul to battle medical care. One concern I have is this set could really use wagon drivers, but that mold is located in the US, so I may explore making a reproduction mold:

BMC Toys CTS Battles of Bull Run


WW2 Battle of Saipan

This Pacific Theater set is around 75 pieces:

BMC Spain

WW2 Battle of the Bulge

This is the 'everything and the kitchen sink' wish list, and may need to be downsized. The box would likely be the size of the BMC Toys San Juan Hill  Playset:

BMC Battle of Bulge

BMC Toys - Classic Army Men Collection:

Here's pieces that could be included in a US made Pacific Theater playset. I'm considering both a large and medium set, or one set in between. I'm going to explore if we have any wagon wheels that work with the Tim Mee cannon. That might make better artillery for the Japanese and could also work for WW1: 

BMC Classic Army 2024


Thanks for your help,

Jeff at BMC Toys

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  • For Civil War flags use flags of the various states in 1860-1865. You could have a page of stickers for the North and a page for the South.

    Scott Miller on
  • I love that you are producing the MPC germans l WISH you would produce the MPC GIs and MPC Japanese figures and also produce the marx GIs, and marx
    Germans they all would go great with the marx Marines, marx, Japanese and cts Japanese your are producing now !!!!

    Jack Reynolds on
  • The King Tiger is in most of the Battle of the Bulge news reels

    Scott Miller on
  • Please make more OD green shermans with the movable turrets

    Zander on
  • I would add more greenery to your battle of Saipan playset. Maybe the Marx palm tree set.

    Jesse Vela on

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