BMC Toys: Plastic Army Women Project: Update #5

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The BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Project is rolling along at brisk pace...

You can get an early sneak peak of the Plastic Army Women Kickstarter and check out the video we made, and even more pictures of the figures. I'm especially interested in getting feedback on the rewards before the campaign launches on November 14th. I tried to keep it simple offer some great values, but if there's anything you think is missing or confusing please let me know. 

There's been a lot of progress on the original sculpts, and I've added a 6th figure (Grenadier) to the basic set. Here's the figure assortment so far:
BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Digital Mockup 
The prone sniper sculpt needed some refinements for molding, mainly repositioning of her head, and her rifle lost the bipod. I'm hoping the bipod will be added back in the final production version but it wasn't practical to mold in resin. The scope may also need to be changed for molding.

The basic set of 6 figures in a 24 piece pack will be produced no matter what, but I'd like to expand the number of figures and will use stretch goals as part of the Kickstarter to fund the larger plastic injection tool. The first 2 stretch goal sculpts are already in progress and include a combat medic and running soldier:
BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Running Combat Medic Sculpts

A low-crawl figure and radio operator are also planned. The last 2 potential figures are undecided, but possibilities include a wounded soldier, advancing rifleman, marching soldier possibly saluting, or standing at attention possibly saluting. Supporter feedback will play a big role in the decision.

I had the standing and kneeling riflemen shipped so I could take photos and check the scale and details in person. Here's a group shot with three Plastic Army Women figures in a group of vintage figures:
BMC Toys Plastic Army Women with Vintage Army Men 

Thanks to all the media attention, I was asked to speak at our County Commissioner's meeting as the small business of the month. Here's a photo of me with the Commissioners and my sister Julie (she's been helping with a lot of the media and writing for the project):

BMC Toys at Lackawanna County Commisioner Meeting
From left, are Commissioner Jerry Notarianni, Commissioner Laureen A. Cummings, Jeff Imel, Julie Imel  and Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.

Tanks' for your support,

Jeff at BMC Toys


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  • I love it. It would be great if you could make a radio operator. Then you would have a full squad. As a mother and and active duty service member I think that this is the best idea ever. I played with army men as a kid and plan on buy a set when the kick starter goes live.

    Autumn on
  • Love them. They are looking good. Keep up the good work.

    Mildred Johnson on
  • I am especially excited about the female radio operator. That was my job in the Marines. Even after receiving my honorable discharge, I have maintained an amateur radio license. I do stormspotting. In the Corps we were taught to get that 250 pound gorilla to carry the radios with the ling whips. I not only operated but repaired the radios. If a sniper follows the whip and shoots the person carrying the radio plus radio, I was essential to its repair. No radio, no calls for support, no calls for evac or medical aid, or supplies. Everyone dies. Thats pretty grim to take in when your 18.

    DeBorah Bankston on
  • How about a female Zorro. Female western girl with a gun or rifle. Or a saloon girl with a knife, or a Mexican girl dancing on a table. Or Cattle Kate she stole cows. Or female town people out west. Or an Indian girl

    Roger on

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